These Halloween treats on a stick are very fun!  Let me tell you when you put a treat on stick you have an instant hit. Whether its a cookie, sucker when it’s on a stick you will be dying to try!   For more halloween ideas try my printable Halloween tic tac toe or one of these Halloween kids crafts.
tootsie pop pumpkin tutorial

Make these halloween cookie pops in minutes with just a little dipping!
Halloween Cookie Pops

These fast an easy spooky ghost suckers make the perfect sweet halloween treat!
halloween treats on a stick
These creepy crawly Gumball Spider Lollipops are simple enough even for your little goblins to help assemble.
Gumball-Spider-FavorsPumpkin Oreo Pops
These are super fun to make and kids will love it.
halloween treats on a stickHalloween Eyeball Oreo Pops
Spend an afternoon dipping and making some eyeballs!

Ghostly Pears on a stick
Something healthy and surprisingly sweet meets together on a stick.
halloween treats on a stick

These mummy cookie pops combine both creepy and cute in a sweet package.

halloween treats on a stick

Monster treats

You can make these ones in just about one minute, yep.  If you like fun and easy this one is for you!

halloween treats on a stick

Frankenstein twinkies on a stick
Franky Baby is an easy Halloween treat to make using snack cakes (e.g. Twinkies). It’s also great food craft for kids with no baking required.
halloween treats on a stick

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