The 12 Days of Christmas Gift Exchange Game is a funny, fast-paced Christmas party game sure to keep everyone on their toes! Energize your Christmas gift exchange and get ready to laugh! (Use this 12 Days of Christmas idea for work, too!)

Left Right Passing Game and Roll the Dice are pass the gift Christmas games and ready for you to print and play at your Christmas gift exchange!  We love to play here at Skip to My Lou!

12 Days of Christmas Gift Exchange Game

Looking for Christmas gift exchange ideas for Christmas parties this year? Enjoy singing or listening to classic Christmas music? If you answered yes to both questions, the 12 Days of Christmas Gift Exchange Game is the game for you!

Here is What You Will Need to Play this party game

  • One gift for each player to hold
  • One chair or one space for each player to sit in a circle
  • Copies of 12 Days of Christmas song if players are going to sing
  • Your favorite audio version of The 12 Days of Christmas loud enough for everyone to hear. Here is a fun version, if you do not have a favorite!

The 12 Days of Christmas Gift Passing Game-Great for Large Groups

How to Play pass the presents

Guests or family members sit in a circle with their gift at the beginning of the game.

  1. Use your favorite audio version of The Twelve Days of Christmas or print the words here.
  2. The host/hostess explains the rules and officially starts The 12 Days of Christmas Gift Passing Game by reading or starting the song.
  3. “On the first” = All gifts get passed once to the right.
  4.  Proceed by passing once to the right at the beginning of each new verse.
  5. Pass one time to the left every time the song counts down, i.e., “12 Drummers Drumming (pass left),11 Lords a Leaping (pass left)”
  6. The pass the gift game is over after the final pass to the left “And a partridge in a pear tree.”  If the players end up with their own gift, the host/hostess decides whether the final pass will be one to the right or one to the left.
  7. This pass the present game will take a few minutes to play and there will be a lot of fast passing to the left, especially when the song reaches the final verses.


Q: What if I end up with the gift I started when the music stops?

A: If you are holding the gift you brought when the music stops, the hostess of the party decides whether to pass the gifts once to the left or right. Or the host/hostess can make an executive decision on how many passes to go, after all, it is their house!

Q: What if someone ends up with 2 gifts and the person next to them has nothing?

A: The player with 2 gifts returns one to the person next to them.

Q: How do you unwrap gifts?

A: The host/hostess of the party decides how to open the gifts. One suggestion would be to start with the youngest player and proceed in a circle, one at a time.

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  1. I am so excited to use this game this coming Christmas. I’m sure it will bring so much joy to our family if we play this game, thank you for sharing!

  2. What a fun game and just in time before Christmas! Looking forward to playing this with my family, indeed!

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