One of the best ways to refresh a room is throw pillows! These DIY throw pillows really can be made in just 20 minutes! I love a quick sewing project! Sew up a bunch for perfect handmade gifts this season!


Made with Moxie: 20 Minute Throw Pillows

Here is What You Need to Make DIY Throw Pillows


  • two (2)  20 inch cloth napkins
  • one (1) 18 to 20 inch zipper
  • one (1) 20 inch pillow form
  • Sewing machine and tools

Made with Moxie: 20 Minute Throw Pillows

How to make 20 Minute Throw Pillows

Select two cloth napkins of your choice.

Made with Moxie: 20 Minute Throw Pillows

Pin your zipper centered on the edge of one napkin, both right sides up. Top stitch zipper to the cloth napkin.

Made with Moxie: 20 Minute Throw Pillows

Pin the second napkin to the other side of the zipper, right side facing up, and topstitch into place. Make sure the side edges of your napkins are lined up with each other.

Made with Moxie: 20 Minute Throw Pillows

Pin both napkins together, wrong sides facing each other. Do you best to line up each edge and corner. When you use coordinating napkins, as opposed to matching ones, sometimes you have to fudge things around a bit. Stitch around the remaining three edges of your napkin catching each napkin layer.

Unzip your new pillow and stuff in the pillow insert. Toss a few on the couch to add a pop of color to your living room, or put a few on your bed for extra fluff!  These make an easy gift and are a satisfying project to sew up when you have a few minutes to yourself.

Made with Moxie: 20 Minute Throw Pillows


Jill shares her makes and her stories at Made with Moxie.  She is a quilter, crafter, clothing maker, pattern designers, and co-founded Perfect Pattern Parcel. Jill has spent the last thirty years rooting through other people’s trash for her treasures. She is inspired by retro designs, bold colors and far off places. Jill is afraid of the dark, creeped out by men’s black socks, and would one day like to host a sleepover in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Her only regret is quitting piano lessons.

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  1. Where are you buying those super cute napkins? All I find are booooooring ones! Love your site!

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