This 2023 Year In Review coloring page printable is the perfect way to record your child’s year. It is fun to learn what they think is their proudest accomplishment and best idea.

Complete this sheet every year to see how hobbies, tastes in food, and friends change. You can also see how they measure up! Mark the end of the school year with this end of school coloring page.

2023 Coloring Page

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2021 My year in review free printable
The 2021 Year In Review
2020 My year in review free printable
2020 Year In Review Coloring Page

I decided that I needed to add an extra sheet this year that gives the opportunity to note this monumental year that we have all endured. It for sure had a completely different set of challenges.

A year of face masks and virtual learning for so many. I hope this year gave us all a chance to realize that in the midst of chaos we can still be okay.

2020 coloring sheet pandemic version

Download—> 2020 Pandemic Year in Review


2019 Year in Review

Download —> 2019 Printable Coloring Page


2018 year in review coloring page

2018 Coloring Page Download

I love seeing the changes every year. What a wonderful keepsake these coloring pages have become! Each year we are able to record everything that is important to our children. It is a glimpse inside their world. Find out their best memory, what they are most proud of, their best ideas.  It also has an area for goal planning. They can fill out what they would like to go see, learn, and be better at next year. It is such a fun worksheet. A year in review graphic organizer for sure!


We have had so many changes this year and this 2017 graphic organizer records them all. No glasses, new braces, and we are now a teen. Such a beautiful girl!

2017 Printable

2016  Coloring Page

2016 colored page

{2016 Printable}


I love seeing the big and little changes.

year in review printable 2015
kids free year in review printable 2015

{2015 Printable}

…how some things change but some never will. I know she will always love sushi!

It is also fun to do this year in review with a friend because who could believe these two have grown up so quickly.

I can’t believe we are off to a new year. Many of you have asked and yes, I will add a new sheet next year! It has become a fun family tradition.

supplies for year in review coloring pages

More Coloring Pages

Don’t miss all the coloring pages. Here are a few in the same graphic organizer style as the year in review printble.

No need for coloring books, you will find the best coloring online right here! Find a coloring sheet for all occasions. I hope you especially love the 2020 year in review worksheet and they bring you a smile as you look back through the years!

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  1. We started doing this with only 2 kids, and now all 5 of our kids fill these out every year! It’s a great tradition and something we love to look back on! Thank you for so much for starting this and keeping it updated!

  2. Casually checking daily for 2023. We’ve been doing them the past three years and I just adore them!

  3. Will there be a 2022 sheet this week? I’d love to do it with my class before the school let’s out for the holidays

  4. Thank you. Everyone in the family looks forward to doing these each year. Thanks for continuing to update them.

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