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Hello Everyone! We are so excited to be a part of Craft Camp this year!

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Today we’re going to share with you an adorable 4th of July craft!

A 2×4 Flag!

Just what you’ve been waiting for…another 2×4 idea from HowDoesShe! 😉

Why the obsession with 2×4 decor? They are so cheap to make and fun to give! All the ugly scraps of wood need is a little crafting love and wala – inexpensive home decor or thrifty gifts!

Just think how fun this would be to give this summer to a random person or as a gift to someone who you were thinking of.

Get together with a bunch of girlfriends and whip out 10 of them and then go doorbell ditching. Imagine grown women doorbell ditching! What a blast. OH how you could make someone’s day without having to spend that much money!

Wood= Free (Just ask around. There are always scrap 2x4s somewhere that would love to go to a good home)

Vinyl = $1.50 ‘ish’ I used some scraps I had around, but you can get them for super cheap…keep reading.

Paper and supplies =$3

Ribbon = $3

Serves: 10 complete flag gifts

=$0.759 per gift

=10 smiles you brought to 10 different people

Get out there and craft!

These beauties were hanging out in my garage. I recruited my sister into dreaming up another idea with a 2×4.

Do you like the #7? It was once the 7 inch block that went to My Favorite Things post.

After cutting them down, here are the measurements:

3 -3.5×3.5 inch block

2 – 7 inch blocks

Choose some red white (or cream) and blue paper

And cut it out the size of your wood.

Mod Podge it on.

If you need to know how to mod podge click here for 10 steps for perfect mod podging or if you are more visual, we also have a thrilling “mod podge” video. 🙂

Sand the edges of your block.

Cut your vinyl.

If you need a cutter we recommend Silhouette.

If you need vinyl or backer paper for your cutter we recommend Expressions Vinyl

If you need precut vinyl we recommend Vinyl Wall Expressions

Vinyl lettering info:

Black vinyl

Larger Mime font

6 inches long and 1.2 inches tall

For the star:

We just used something that was found in my computer ‘library.’

It was 2.8 inches x 2.8 inches. We didn’t tweeze out the middle, hence the solid black star. We know flag stars are white, but we had black vinyl and we like how it turned out:)

After you cut the vinyl, you have to pull the backing off or ‘tweeze’ it.

Make sure to pull out all the centers of the letters.

Apply your backer paper. If you don’t have any on hand, you can use the blue painter’s tape found at the hardware store. Rub over it so the letters will stick to the backer paper

Pull off the white part and put on your wood. Press over it again and pull the backer paper off. Did you know you can reuse backer paper? {{ I use mine about 4-5 times before it becomes ‘unsticky’.}}

Finished fast and easy!

{Visit HowDoesShe.com for more 2×4 crafts and tutorials}

Happy almost 4th of July!…and happy crafting!

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  1. I was wondering if you attached the block pieces with anything? Or does the ribbon hold them together?

  2. Thanks again for letting us participate in Craft Camp! Can’t wait to see what everyone else shares!

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