Celebrate Valentine’s Day with over 50 of the cutest classroom Valentines. All the ideas are right here and the best part is I have created printable Valentine tags for each and every idea. Go to the store and see what little trinkets, candy or food you can find and then just attach the cute sayings for Valentines.

If you are looking for more ideas I have rounded up over 100 Printable Valentines. The list is long and good! I hope you will find the perfect classroom Valentine.

50 Classroom Valentines Ideas

50 classroom valentines

You will find a great selections of candy Valentines, non candy Valentines and healthy Valentine ideas. Just find the saying you like and print a whole page at once. Add some stickers, washi tape or other embellishments to jazz them up. Kids love doing this part. Attach tag to the small gift with ribbon, twine, tape or rubber band.

Candy Valentines

I need s’more friends like you! s’more supplies
I’m stuck on you Valentine! gum
You’re a real gem Valentine! Ring Pop
I’m lucky to have you for a friend! Lucky Charms
You are extra special Valentine! Extra gum
You blow me away Valentine! Blow Pop sucker
It is smart being your friend! Smarties
Don’t ever change! chocolate coins
I chews you as my Valentine! gum, chewy candy
We’re mint to be! mints
Sip Sip Hooray It’s Valentines Day! juice box, soda
I like the way you roll! Tootsie Rolls, Rolos candy
You rock! Pop Rocks candy
You’re o-fish-ally an awesome friend! Swedish Fish candy
You send my heart into orbit! Orbit gum
I’m bursting with happiness that you’re my friend Starburst candy
I’m beary happy you’re in my class gummy bears

healthy Valentines

Healthy Valentines

I go bananas over you! banana
Orange you glad we are friends? orange
You are the apple of my eye! apple
You’re a cutie! cutie orange
You’re my main squeeze! squeezable applesauce or other fruit

cute sayings for valentines

bubbles valentine

Non Candy Valentines

Let’s stick together! stickers, glitter glue
I’m wild about you! plastic toy animal
Whoopee it’s Valentine’s Day! whoopee cushion
You light up my life! glow stick, mini flashlight, highlighter
I think you are really sharp! pencil sharpener, Sharpie marker, pencil
You are just write! pencil
You’re dino-mite! anything dinosaur
You make my heart jump! jump rope, jumping/pop-up favor
I’m wheel-y glad we’re friends! toy car
I have my eye on you! magnifying glass
You amaze me! toy plastic maze, book of mazes
I’m stuck on you! stickers
I like the way you roll! roll of washi tape, toy car
Owl always be your Valentine! anything owl
You’re a real gem! ring
You make my heart soar! paper airplane, toy rocket
My heart leaps for you! plastic jumping frog favor
It’s no stretch being your friend! bracelet
You rule! ruler
Stick with me! stickers
Don’t ever change! coin
You’re o-fish-ally an awesome friend! Goldfish crackers
You stole a piece of my heart! puzzle
I’m beary happy you’re in my class! anything bear
You color my world, Valentine! coloring book, markers, colored pencils, crayons
You’re the highlight of my day! highlighter
You make my heart glow! anything glow in the dark, glow stick
You make my heart bounce! bouncy ball
We just fit! puzzle
I’m mad about you! Mad Libs
I’m bubbling with excitement that you’re my friend! bubbles
You have my stamp of approval! rubber stamp
YO YO YO Happy Valentines Day! yo yo

Here is what each idea looks like! Just click the link and download the pencil sharpener Valentines. For each saying you get 12 tags. That way you can most likely print two copies and have enough for all the classmates.

Try one for free! Download —> {I THINK YOU ARE REALLY SHARP VALENTINE}

pencil sharpener Valentine

Find a small little token to go with the saying and you are set! I found these little pencil sharpeners at the dollar store. Attach with a glue dot or rubber cement.

pencil sharpener
Download over 50 pages of Classroom Valentines for only $2.95. Each page comes 12 tags on a page. Kids will love printing and creating their own Valentines. Just click the button below and you are on your way.


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