It’s time for happy teacher appreciation week and you can wrap up fun teacher gifts with these cute sayings! Just pick the perfect teacher appreciation quote from this long list, pair it with a small gift, and you’ll have them appreciating your thoughtfulness.

If you need more inspiration, check out these great Teacher Gift Ideas! From clever gifts and fun tags to decoration ideas, you will find loads of ways to say thank you.

cute sayings for teacher appreciation gifts

Teacher Appreciation Week is the first full week in May, but you may want to check with your school to make sure they are using the same dates.  Teacher Appreciation Day 2022 is Tuesday, May 3, 2022.

Cute Sayings for Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Here is a long list of cute teacher puns. These thank you sayings and funny puns work for a variety of small gifts and are a fun way to say many thanks.

flower gifts

  • “Thanks for helping our child ‘bloom'” or “grow” tag with a bouquet of flowers or growing plant
  • Put this “Thanks for helping me grow” tag with flower seeds or a plant

cute Sayings for Teacher Appreciation Food Gifts

  • “You are ‘souper’!” soup mix, custom decorated soup bowls, or homemade soup
  • “We are fortunate to have you” tag with Chinese takeout box filled with fortune cookies
  • “You are one smart cookie” tag with homemade cookies
  • “Thanks for giving me a hand” tag attached to work or garden gloves filled with candy
  • “You rock!” tag with pop rocks, rock candy, Rock Star soft drink, or painted rock for a paperweight
  • “We are ‘nuts’ about you!” tag attached to some nuts
  • “You are the apple of our eye” with a basket of apples (Construction paper leaves with notes of appreciation are a nice touch)
  • “I couldn’t have ‘picked’ a better teacher” tag attached to a fruit basket, or cookies in a berry basket
  • “Shooting for Brownie points” tag attached to a box of brownies
  • “We need ‘S’more’ teachers like you” tag attached to S’mores supplies
  • “Here ‘s a little extra ‘dough’! ” Thanks for all you do!” package with cookie dough or dollar bills
  • “You are the sweetest teacher! Thanks for making me a smart cookie!” plate of cookies
  • “Here’s the scoop… you are the best!” attached to Sundae supplies or gift card for an ice cream shop
  • “We ‘flippin’ love you” with a spatula and cookie, brownie, or cake mix
  • “I am bananas for you” attached to banana bread
  • “You are a joy!” tag attached to an Almond Joy candy bar

Cute Sayings for Teacher’s Appreciation beverage gifts

  • “You are ‘tea’rrific!” tag with a selection of teas
  • “Thank you for quenching my thirst for knowledge” tag attached to a reusable drinking cup
  • “You are an AW-esome teacher” tag attached to a six-pack of A&W root beer
  • We are ‘Soda’ lighted you were our teacher” attached to a favorite soda
  • “You are a ‘Fanta’ stic teacher” tag attached to a bottle of Fanta

Cute Saying for Teaching Supply Gifts

  • “There is no “sub” stitute for you!” tag attached to a gift card from the local sub shop
  • “You wrote the book on being a great teacher!” attached to pencils and books or a gift card from the bookstore
  • “Thanks for holding everything together” tags with fun paper clips
  • “You are ‘sum’ body special” tag with a calculator or math game for the class
  • “Just a note to say you’re special” custom note pads, purchased notepads, or post-it notes
  • “You really measure up” tag with a cool ruler, yardstick, or measuring tape
  • “Thanks for making our school year bright” tag with highlighters for a brilliant teacher
  • “You have been the ‘bright’ spot in our year” tag with a package of highlighters
  • “We are your biggest ‘fan’!” with a cute desk fan, handheld fan, or paper fans
  • “You have been just ‘write’ this year!” package of nice pencils or pens in a case or container
  • “Thank you for making our students bright!” attached to highlighters
  • “You are the ‘highlight’ of my day!” attached to highlighters
  • “I have to ad ‘mitt’ you are one great teacher” oven mitt filled with teaching supplies or other small gifts
  • “You are a cut above” attached to scissors
  • “From my calculations, you are the best teacher!” attached to a calculator

Cute Sayings for gift card gifts

These cute quotes make a gift card extra special!

  • “There is no “sub” stitute for you!” tag attached to a gift card from the local sub shop
  • “Your teaching is right on target” attached to a Target gift card
  • “Thanks a ‘latte!” tag with a gift card from the local coffee shop, special coffees, or travel mug
  • “Here is a ‘pat’ on the back for doing such a great job!” tag attached to a gift certificate for a massage
  • “Thanks for a ‘picture’ perfect year” tag with a movie gift card or nice picture frame

Fun and Thoughtful gifts

  • “Thanks for giving our child a hand” tag with hand lotion
  • “You have been the ‘key’ to our child’s success!” tag attached to a key ring or pretty handmade key chain
  • “Thanks for lighting the way” or “You light up our world” with a flashlight or nice candle
  • “You ‘float’ above the rest” tag attached to a balloon or fun pool float for the summer
  • “Thanks for ‘time’ you spent with me.” tag on a cute clock, fun watch, or pretty appointment book
  • “I am so lucky to have you for a teacher” attached to a lottery ticket or Lucky Charms cereal

Candy Puns

Because every teacher loves a good pun, these thank you teacher sayings are an easy way to take a simple candy bar and make it a fun gift. Incorporating cute phrases will give both your child and their teacher a good chuckle!

You could also write these cute sayings onto a piece of poster board, attach the candy, and give a giant size “sweet” appreciation gift to your teacher! What a great way to make a chocolate bar special.

  • “You are out of this world” tag attached to a Milky Way or Mars candy bar
  • “You deserve an extra Payday” tag attached to a Payday Candy bar
  • “We appreciate the ‘mounds’ of work you do” tag attached to a Mounds candy bar
  • “You are ‘extra’ special” tag attached with a pack of Extra Gum
  • “You are o’fish’ally the best!” tag attached to Goldfish crackers or Swedish Fish
  • “Thanks for helping me become a real ‘smartie’ pants!” tag attached to a package of Smarties
  • “You are worth more than a 100 grand to us!” tag attached to a 100 Grand candy bar
  • “You’re a ‘treasure’ “ tag with Treasures candy
  • “Thanks for all your hard work. You deserve a ‘break’ today!” tag with a Fast-Break candy or McDonald’s gift card.
  • “You ‘mint’ so much to us this year” tag attached to some mints
  • “You’re an ‘amazing’ teacher” tag attached to an Amazing candy bar

How Sweet It Is to Be Taught by You!

jar fill with candy yellow bow how sweet teacher gift

Christmas Teacher Gifts – 12 easy ideas to celebrate your teacher during the holidays.

jar of candy with tag how sweet it is to be taught by you

download these 4 tags for free —–> Teacher Candy Grams

candy gram teacher gifts

Teacher Appreciation Gift Tags and Printables

teacher gift tags

If you liked the funny teacher quotes above, here are 20 of the most popular puntastic sayings for teacher gifts. They are ready for you to download, print on cardstock and attach to a small gift.  This will be your easiest Teacher Appreciation Week ever!

Don’t forget the middle school and high school teachers. The english teachers, the math teachers, the history teacher, and the science teacher. They definitely could use a special thanks during teacher week!

20 Printable Teacher Gift Tags
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You will find tags for books, markers, note cards, candles, pencils, flowers(plants), candles, candy, scissors, duct tape or stickers, oven mitt, coffee, tea, tote bag, calculator or math game, picture frame, flashlight, highlighters, and Sharpie markers. Get the 20 Printable Teacher Appreciation Gift Tags as an immediate download.

Thank You Sayings for Gift Cards

Teacher Appreciation Day quotes are also good for parting gifts on the last day of school, or any time you want to show how much you value all your teachers do. Here are the cutest printable gift card holders for teachers. They are clever gift card message ideas and a cute way to give your teacher a gift card. I have done my research—teachers love gift cards!

More Teacher Gifts Ideas

Don’t miss these other cute ideas for the end-of-school-year teacher gift-giving. These thank you teacher quotes pair a nice saying with something a teacher is sure to love.

This idea is perfect for gifting plants and flowers. There is Thank You for Helping me Grow and Bloom flower puns.

Make this darling plant stake at home and then grab a plant at the grocery store on the way to school for a super cute last-minute gift!

Maybe you just want to say thanks with a handwritten note from your child. This free printable note will help you do just that.

These printable gift tags work on any gift!

These short teacher quotes get to the heart of teaching and will make teachers feel special and appreciated for their hard work. Attach to any gift to express your feelings.

If you need a funny teacher gift…

Always be prepared to thank a teacher all year long enjoy every printable in one place receive lifetime access to my Ultimate Teacher Appreciation Printable Pack.

So many great ways to say thanks to a teacher who is indeed making a difference in the lives of our children and inspiring a love of learning. I hope these teacher appreciation week quotes and gift ideas will help you express your gratitude!

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  1. Teacher appreciates day is one of my favorite days. I run a flashback of how teachers work really hard to teach us without even careful of getting it back.

  2. This is a great list of suggestions to get the creative juices flowing. We try to do things like this throughout the year along with a few dollars here and there for things that they have to provide out of their own pockets. Thanks for sharing.

  3. These sayings are beautiful. I will share them with my 6 year old daughter Lily who loves her teachers. Lily often experiences anxiety and used to be very shy, until her junior kindergarten teacher really helped her overcome and deal with her shyness and anxiety.

    We wrote a teacher appreciation poem together recently, as a way to say thank you to Miss I. Hope you guys like it:

  4. love your teacher gift ideas. Looking as the PTA mom to celebrate our teachers and of course we have no money. so trying to be creative.

  5. I know that this post is from 2014, but it makes me cringe to see so many mistakes from someone studying to be a teacher. I sincerely hope she was trying to be funny.

  6. Thanks for making us a list. Our teachers work so hard loving on our children…your ideas help us appreciate their blessing in our lives.

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