Hand Painted Santa DIY Ornaments are easy to make with a glass ball ornament and a little paint.  Tie it to the top of a gift package or give it alone as a nice little gift handmade by you!

hand painted santa clause ornament


To make the Santa you will need

  • one medium size round ornament,
  • paint (flesh color, white, black and red),
  • Snow Tex by DecoArt, (You can always use white paint, it just won’t be as dimensional)
  • paintbrushes
  • Snow Writer by DecoArt  if you want to add more details

paint glass ball paint brushes supplies painted santa ornament

Paint a flesh color rectangle on the front of the ornament. It will need at least two coats.white rectangle painted on christmas ball start of santa face  With the end of the paintbrush handle make dots for the eyes and nose.paint face on ornament  Mix the Snow-Tex with a little white paint (about 3:1 ratio) to make it a bit thinner consistency. Paint down the sides of the flesh rectangle and around the top of the ornament

.painting hair on ornament

Paint a mustache, beard and add a small little dot for the mouth. TaDa you are finished!hand painted santa clause ornament

These Santa painted ornaments will become a family keepsake and fun to pull out each year, especially when you remember making them.




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  1. Thank you.

    I love the Santa in felt and plaid. I think they will be next year’s ornament for my grandkids.

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