Sandy, from Reluctant Entertainer, is here sharing a perfect way to use up a bumper crop of tomatoes.  Toast some french bread slices and top with these tomatoes and I think it would make the most delicious bruschetta! YUM!

Sandy writes…

Erin, have you cut a tomato before?


Well, grab a knife, girl, I’m gonna show you how!

If you’re saying you have too many tomatoes, then let me share with you a fast, easy way to use them up!

It’s easy. And I just got my daughter and her friend to do it for me (as I guided them).
I love working with kids in the kitchen, especially if they have a good attitude and they want to learn.
Cut up any kind of tomato into pieces. (We have 5 different kinds this year – cherry work great, too!)
Chop fresh basil.
Press fresh garlic.
Add salt, pepper, sugar, and drizzle with olive oil.  Roast at 450 for 45 minutes, or longer, depending on how dry you like them.
Then you can do several things.
Eat right away.
Freeze in Ziplocs as is.
Puree’ and freeze.
Once you try this method, you’ll be hooked!
What’s your favorite way to eat tomatoes?

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  1. Absoultely wonderful…I can even do it. I so glad to be able to make something delicious out of my “what am i gonna make out of all these tomatoes”!

  2. Hola.yo de soja Sevillana, de andalucia.Spain, y gastamos muchos tomates haciendo Gazpacho Andaluz.,

    se coje, 500 gramos de tomates, maduros (rojos y blandos)-Se les quita la piel
    grande una cebolla, pepino, pimiento, rojo, pimiento verde, sal, cuatro cucharadas de vinagre, nota: si gusta muy fuerte, una Reducir dos cucharadas.
    y aceite de oliva de un grado 8 cucharadas.sal un gusto.Batir todo con la batidora-Una vez batido, meterlo en la nevera y beberlo mezclado con agua fresca.
    Ya me direis que tal, en España, lo hacemos mucho en verano, pues alimenta y refresca.
     Un beso desde España Josefina

  3. I like my garden Tomatoes simple. If I’m not in the mood for just a simple Tomatoe sandwich with salt and mayonaise. Then just a little salt pepper Olive oil and basil makes for a great dinner salad. Has to be garden fresh tho……

  4. YUM! I’ll be trying that tomorrow but will substitute the basil with fresh cilantro. My mouth is watering…

  5. Sounds and looks delicious! I love to eat cherry or grape tomatoes with homemade lemon basil dip (mayo, sour cream, basil, lemon zest and juice). It is an addiction!

  6. This is what I need to do with my bumper crop (thanks to the trenching method that I read about on your blog, Sandy!).

  7. I love tomatoes this way, we use them on vegan pizza in the winter….super duper good!!! Kim

  8. Looks yummy. We never have much success with tomatoes, too hot here I guess. The funny thing is that our local grocery store is actually selling tomato plants right now! Weird! You can never tell about the climate here in South Texas, yesterday the high was 95 and today it’s somewhere around 82 for the high. Welcome fall!


  9. that looks delish. i love to eat tomatoes sliced thick with a little olive oil and some Salad Supreme seasoning. Mmmm. Also, thick slices with a dusting of sugar. Let them sit a while, then enjoy.

  10. Yummy! Your tomatoes are gorgeous. They look so fresh and tasty. I love them roasted like that. I also like to eat tomatoes with basil, capers, mozzarella and olive oil. We make ensalada caprese sandwiches.

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