We kept our guests busy last week by helping them make some cool stuff for back to school.  Annie made this darling tote. We used this tutorial and added an applique to the front.  We used the letter template from this post but enlarged the letter about 200%.


Look at the cool crayon rolls they made. Annie made hers with a ribbon and Will used a cord stop for the  closure.


We machine basted the rick rack in place.  It made it much easier for Annie to sew the crayon roll together and not have to worry about the rick rack slipping.


What talented kids!

Looking for more fun stuff for back to school?

Make a recycled pencil bag or a fun zippered pouch.  Don’t forget to start the year off right with a gift for your teacher.  You will find teacher appreciation sayings for back to school  here and ideas for appreciating your teacher all year long here.

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  1. Very Pretty and Unique…:D:D

    I really love the bag 😉

    Well Done…You have done an excellent job!!!!

  2. I LOVE the bag and really wish I could sew, you are so talented and the kids did such a great job!

  3. Wow they turned out great! Love the camouflage one Will made. Now that is going back to school in style!

  4. Very cute!
    I love the tote,I think my youngest would too!
    They did a great job, bet they were so proud!

  5. What a totally cool blog! I just became a Chic Chicks member, and I was clicking around checking out the Peeps and I’m SO glad I found you! Love your tutorials! Adding you to my reader!!!

  6. I always keep meaning to make my kiddos a crayon roll – thanks for the great tutorial. Cheers Heather

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