This Simply Di-VINE Teacher Appreciation Gift is a perfect gift to put on a teacher’s desk!   Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up the first full week of May. Get creative with these ideas from some of the most talented bloggers during my Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideasseries! All April we will be sharing great ideas. I can’t wait to see what they share. You will be totally prepared with ideas to thank your teachers!? Give a teacher a banana with this banana printable. These darling donut printables are just how you should share a sweet treat with your teacher.

Please welcome Nelliebellie sharing this Di-Vine Teacher Appreciation gift!

di-VINE teacher appreciation gift that is simple and easy with free printable.
In my house, the end of the school year can become a chaotic time because our calendar becomes full of end of the year concerts, events, and more. This year, my oldest is graduating which brings (as many of you know) even more mountains more calendar events. Finding the time to send teacher appreciation gifts for my kids teachers, particularly the younger, can seem impossible to find the time for. This little teacher appreciation gift is my solution because it is clever, sweet, practical, and easy…fantastic adjectives I love in my life!

materials for the di-VINE teacher appreciation gift.












All you need to create this cute gift is a vine, pot, pencil, and tag. I’ve even included a set of printable tags to make life even easier!

The pencil becomes a unique and personalized tag holder by using scissors to create a slit in the top of the eraser to hold the tag. Also, f you find your pencil is too tall for your vine simply use a knife to cut it down. Cut in a circle all the way around the pencil and break. This little gift is truly that easy!


Head to your local florist that sells fairy gardens to purchase a mini vine and pot. Not only is it crazy adorable, it is often cheaper than the full-size versions!


Click the image above to head to the full-size printable image,
save the image to your computer, and print.

I hope you find this cute teacher appreciation gift is simple, easy, and helps find you a bit more extra time in your week for making memories with your family. That’s what NellieBellie is all about…simple solutions for a happier you and yours. Simple recipes, crafts, wardrobe, and home solutions that will find you more time, create more memories, and simply have fun!

Let’s take another peek at that simple Teacher Appreciation gift, shall we. Isn’t it just di-VINE :).


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