Here is a Friday Flashback to help keep the kids busy during Thanksgiving dinner!

Turkey Finger Puppet Tutorial

With just a few pieces of felt and some googly eyes we made finger puppets. I sewed the bodies together with the sewing machine and then used pinking shears to embellished the edges. I cut out the shapes (my craft partners were 3).

Then my partners glued on the parts.

You will find other ideas to celebrate Thanksgiving here.

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  1. Thanks! We will have 10 kids under 6 at Thanksgiving this year. I was trying to figure out what I could have them do while the adults visit.

  2. So cute! I have piles of felt just WAITING to be used. Yea! One more good craft for the holidays. Thanks!

  3. Cindy ~ I really enjoy your website & your little girl always makes me smile. She is so so cute! Thank you for sharing such awesome ideas with us!

    Love, Bree

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