Keeping our kids full and nourished during the day can be a challenge, but with a few little tricks I make sure they are well fed. Nutrient packed lunches filled with protein, fruits and veggies keep their mind on school and not their tummy! I also slip in a lunch box note to let my kids know I am thinking about them during the day!  Their lunch for sure is packed with love!
packed with love lunch notes

Printable Lunch Box Notes

Be sure to print off these little cards to slip into packed lunches. Print in color on white card stock and cut.  I keep these notes in the corner of my kitchen drawer so they are always handy to tuck into their lunches.

{Packed With Love Lunch Box Notes}

free printable packed with love notes

Healthy School Lunches

We focus on real foods in our lunches. My daughter’s favorite lunch is turkey, tomato, mustard and Borden® Cheese Provolone Slices on whole wheat bread. The best part? Every slice, single and chunk of Borden® Cheese is pure, creamy goodness that transforms lunchtime into something memorable, because with Borden® Cheese, love is always an ingredient. The pressure of making a nutritious, easily transportable, tasty, and appealing lunch can be difficult. Thankfully Borden® Cheese is making that task easier this school year!

borden cheese slices

In fact, we work Borden® Cheese into a variety of our lunches.borden cheese

We have found it is important to keep lunches and snacks interesting! Often, we put something just a bit out of the ordinary in our lunches like Pimento Cheese.

borden pimento cheese

Pimento cheese is easy to make and delicious! Mix Borden® Cheese Triple Cheddar Shredded Cheese with mayonnaise, cream cheese and spices. It makes a great sandwich or the perfect filling for celery, tomatoes or miniature bell peppers.

{Pimento Cheese Recipe}

pimento cheese lunch idea

Fun Cheese After School Snacks

Keeping kids well fed doesn’t stop with lunch!  Kids are hungry when they get home from school. This is one more chance to make sure they get in some extra protein and nutrients. We make it fun by cutting cheese into cute shapes! In just a few minutes a miniature cookie cutter can turn sliced cheese into a clever treat (and mom gets the scraps!)

borden snack shaped cheese

We have found interactive meals and snacks encourage a healthy eater! When the child makes their food themselves, they are more likely to eat it. A favorite snack at our house are nachos. This is so kid friendly they can make it alone. Simply sprinkle cheese on tortilla chips, and place in microwave for about 30 seconds.

making nachos

Remove from microwave and let your kids load them up. We like tomatoes, olives and sour cream. Delish!

bella eating nachos

From printable lunch notes to fun shaped cheese and interactive and interesting lunches these are a few delicious ways to pack their day with love!

borden lunch bag

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