hi everyone! i’m kelly from according to kelly. if we haven’t met already, i’m a cherry coke drinking abstaining, crushed ice loving, world-traveling, bike riding, apron wearing, snowboarding, fabric obsessed, marathon training, sparkle skirt wearing, surprisingly shy triathlete, REAL orange county housewife & mama of 3, with ADD crafting tendencies & an MBA degree.

saying “thank you” can be quick, easy, creative & (best of all) cheap. this year we are thanking our teachers for being the “apple of my eye” with supplies from around our home. & the best part? the kids can help make this fun project!

step one:

gather your supplies… a paper bag, red paint, green paper (or even green fabric), raffia (ribbon or even string), & something yummy to fill your “apple” with.

according to kelly

step two:

paint your bag red. i happen to be a spray paint junkie (it’s quick, easy, & dries super quick), but you can use any red paint. you just want to remember to leave the top two inches of the bag au natural (or rather brown) for the “stem.”

according to kellystep three:

cut out two leaves from your green paper or fabric, then tape or glue the leaves together at a cute angle to give it a little more “flair.” & finally punch a hole through your leaves for “stringing purposes.”

step four:

fill your “apple” with something yummy. fresh baked cookies, snack sized candies, or my favorite filling… homemade candy coated, almond crunching multi-chocolate drizzled popcorn. can you say yum-o?!

according to kelly recipe

step five:

string your leaves on your chosen raffia, ribbon or string, cinch the paper bag, & tie a bow near (or as close as possible) to the bottom of the “steam.”

according to kelly

step six:

& finally, if you’re feeling really fancy… print out THIS free “you’ve been the apple of my eye” printable & attach.

apple of my eye printable

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  1. Adorei a dica, vcs, estão no top de gama qto ao lúdico, com certeza nos outros tópicos também!!!!

  2. What a great way to use things already on hand! And I’ve never painted a brown sack w/ spray paint, brilliant! Darling idea.

  3. OH My Goodness! What a great idea!
    I’ve done a few kinds of “gift wrapping” with brown bags, but THIS
    apple bag tops them all!
    Thanks for sharing.

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