Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to show someone they’re truly special than with a sweet and saucy gesture? Attach this free Awesomesauce Valentine printable to individual applesauce cups for a sweet gesture that lets friends know they’re truly awesome.

individual apple sauce cups stacked up and they have a free printable on top that says you're awesomesauce

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What does awesomesauce mean?

Awesomesauce is a fun and informal term expressing that something is fantastic. While the exact origin is unclear, it gained popularity on the internet, particularly in online forums and on social media, as a way to express enthusiasm and excitement. The genius behind it is the mix of ‘awesome’ and ‘sauce,’ adding this cute and funny twist to the word ‘awesome.’

free printable, apple sauce cups, scissors, glue stick everything needed to make awesomone sauce valentines

Supplies Needed:

How to Make Awesomesauce Valentines

Here are step-by-step instructions for making awesomesauce valentines:

  • Print in Color
    • Download the PDF and print it in color. Click the image below to download.
    • Use white cardstock or heavyweight paper for the best results.
    • Ensure your printer settings are set to color printing.
    • I often upload the file to Office Depot for printing so I get the most vibrant colors. free awesomesauce valentine printable
  • Cut Out the Circles
    • Once printed, I use a 2.5-inch circle punch for a clean and uniform shape. This makes cutting so quick and easy!cutting valentine with 2.5 inch circle punch
    • If you don’t have a circle punch, you can carefully cut around the printed circles using scissors.
  • Secure to Applesauce Cups:
    • Choose individual applesauce cups for each Valentine. I got mine at Aldi.
    • Apply glue to the back of each circle using a glue stick.
    • Consider using a small amount of hot glue for a more secure hold. I do prefer hot glue it just is so much quicker! Be cautious and avoid burns when using hot glue.
    • Gently press the circle onto the lid of the applesauce cup. If using hot glue, ensure it adheres firmly but be careful not to touch the hot glue directly.cut circles ready to be placed on top of applesauce cups
  • That’s It – Super Easy!
    • Your awesomesauce valentines are ready to share! The result? The cutest Valentines ever.
indiviual applesauce cups with cut tags that says your awesomesauce

Enjoy spreading the love with these adorable and easy-to-make valentines! 💖🍎

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