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I blog over at C.R.A.F.T., where I Create Really Awesome (mostly) Free Things (it’s a nifty little acronym) for your home (junk drawer organzier), wardrobe (pillow case skirt), kitchen (jalapeno hummus), and kids (dot painting)! I ‘m super excited to be guest posting on Skip to My Lou today! I’m sharing a clever
Aztec is the new chevron of fabric… Have you noticed it everywhere? I am loving it.

Today’s tutorial is a great summer time craft since it is fun for kids and adults… !

All you need for this project is a few Painters and some shoes. Elmer’s Painters come with different tips. See at the bottom of the marker? It is very important that you have at least a black fine tip painter. It works wonders for outlining. (They sent me these for free, but obviously I like them and think they work great!)
I started with a few doodles to practice using my painters. Then I started drawing my lines… The painters are a lot like nail polish. To get the most vivid color, let the lines dry and then go over in the same color. Obviously, the more you go over them, the darker they get.

I stared outlining with the fine tip black.

I decided I did not want both shoes identical. I would let one shoe dry, while I started doodling on the other. See the left shoe, I tried circles. I didn’t love them and decided to make it a straight line.

I went over and over the color. I’m telling you the black fine tip is your friend. I almost thought I was done, but decided to do a little more outlining.

And I’m happy I did. Here is the finished product…

Here’s a close up…

Fun and easy, right? If you like the show makeover, check out more C.R.A.F.T. projects to keep you and kiddos happy, enteratined, and creatively inspired this summer!

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  1. @cihuatl

    would you please shut the helll up… thisis callled creative…. if you dont like the fashion trend then i guesss write to all the fashion houses and the president or who ever is in charge of starting trends…. and then manufactuerers that make the fabics…. your trying to start a fight that you willl looose….

  2. As a fellow crafter, I’m all for DIY. However, I find this misappropriation of my culture and spirituality appalling. My “Aztec”/Mexica/Native culture is no fashion trend. Every symbol, line, color carries meaning and is very sacred and carries religious value to us. Again, we are not to be objectified by fashion. It is racist. We are a community that is still alive and very present in the US as well.

    Literally try walking in the shoes of an “Aztec”, especially in these times where to look “Aztec” (especially in the Southern states, like Arizona), it means to face white supremacy at its worst. I am making a call to demand this post be removed.

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