Baby Shower games are the center of any good baby shower.  Here are some great games to get everyone laughing and enjoying the shower.

If you are still thinking of the perfect theme you might like these five fabulous baby shower ideas and themes. These handmade baby gift ideas will be loved by mom and baby for sure! If you like to crochet baby booties make a sweet gift! Nothing is more special than a handmade gift.

baby shower games

Baby Shower Games

There is a huge variety of free baby shower games like baby shower bingo, word searches, mad libs, guess the babies due date, free printable baby shower game, you can even make the games be gift related that they can keep! Be sure to stock up on fun prizes, simple prizes (even candy bars)  make baby shower games a lot more fun and get the competition motivated.

  • The Don’t Say Baby game is easy to incorporate because it flows throughout the shower with little effort. You can give this challenge when your guests arrive. Just don’t say the word baby.
free baby shower game
  • Make a Onesie Decoration Station! The only thing better than celebrating someone you love is thinking about that adorable baby that’ll be rockin’ a onesie you made for him! It is fun to gift a homemade baby item.
  • Price Is Right Baby Shower Game. Baby products cost a lot! Have a little fun guessing just how much!  Bob Barker fan or not, a little challenge is enough to get anyone to compete!
  • Gather seven to ten unique flavors of baby food jars, number each lid and tear off the labels. Ask each guest to grab a spoon and start sampling! The guest with the keenest taste buds wins a prize for getting the most correct.

Get To Know You Baby Shower Games

  • Who Knows Mommy Best? All you need is a Paper and pen for each guest. All you need to do is find out as much as possible about the mother-to-be’s childhood. Write your questions and her answers down on a sheet of paper, and don’t show anyone. To play,  go down the list of questions and have the guests write their answers down on paper. Whoever has the highest number of correct answers wins.
  • Name that tune. You will need a playlist of baby songs and pen and paper. Play one children’s song at a time and keep track of who can accurately guess each song name the fastest. Whoever has the most correct responses wins.
  • New Mom Advice- Give the Mom a new notebook. Have everyone take a turn sharing their best baby advice and have them write in the notebook for future reference.  Things like, “don’t potty train till age three”. “What baby bottles are best?”. “How to change a dirty diaper?” “best diaper bag” “favorite nursery rhyme”.
  • Who Am I? – Can your guests guess which famous mother is pinned to their back? They’ll have to ask the other guests questions to figure it out.
  • What’s In Your Purse – Give out points for common items found in women’s purse. This is commonly played as the first game at a baby shower.

Free Printable Baby Shower Games

Printing off a game can make planning super easy!

  • Baby Animal Name Game. Each guest gets their own paper and has to see how many of the actual names of the Baby Animals by Woodland Printables they know.

free printable baby shower games

  • For the Love of George shares this fun Celebrity Baby Name Game where you match the baby to the celebrity couple. Perfect for a couples shower and it’s gender neutral. Be sure to grab some note cards.
  • This Celebrity Mom Edition game by Numann to Sowers is a mix between Catchphrase and Taboo.  Two teams are given 5 cards with the names of famous/celebrity moms.  One person on the team will be trying to describe the name on the card without saying the names while the other person has one minute to try to guess as many of the 5 cards as they can.
  • This Baby Shower Bingo Game by Catch My Party is designed in both a boy and a girl version.  Both sets include instructions and seven different bingo cards.  Buttons make perfect box markers.
  • Baby Shower Word Search. How many baby related words can you find in this Baby Shower Word Search by E Baby Shower Games?  Download the template, print out one game sheet for each baby shower guest then have them find as many words as they can.  Available in pink, blue or neutral.

Couple Games

Get ready to break the guests into teams! Team members will love competing.

  • The beauty of this game, Baby in an ice cube is that it’s ridiculously easy for you, and well, a little funny, especially if you’re having a co-ed shower! You just need mini baby doll figures.
  • Blow and pop baby race. This is one of the most fun games for large coed groups, but it certainly doesn’t skimp on the fun: Simply see who can get their “bump” ready to rock—and then pop—first.
  • Baby bump twister. One of the best-coed baby shower games of all time is also one of the best games of all time, period.

How many games should be played at a baby shower?

First, start with how long a shower should last. A typical baby shower lasts about 2-3 hours. When guests first arrive offer them food and drink and give them time to mingle. After about 30 minutes let the games begin. Usually, about 30-45 mins of games will be enough to entertain the guests. Plan three to five games and use what you need.  The remainder of the shower can be filled with opening gifts.

What are good prizes for baby shower games?

Any of these ideas make great baby shower prizes. Do know that many people will give the new mom the prize they win.  My mom always taught me this was the proper etiquette. That is why it is nice to send every guest home with a party favor, in case they too believe in this tradition.  This way everyone gets something and they know how thankful you are they attended.

I have also attended showers where each game has two prizes, one for the mom to be and one for the winner of the game.

  • a potted plant or flowers (you could even use the centerpieces as the prizes)
  • candle
  • lotion
  • bubble bath
  • bath bombs
  • small gift certificates
  • cute tote with saying printed on the side
  • pretty notecards or notepad
  • box of chocolates

How do you make a baby shower fun?

Make a baby shower fun by playing fun games and offering tasty food and drinks. For me planning ahead and doing much of the prep work way in advance helps me to be a relaxed hostess. A relaxed hostess sets the tone and encourages the guests to feel welcome and at ease. If you have fun so will your guests!

What kind of food do you serve at a baby shower?

Now that you have the games covered and you know your guests will be having fun you will want to serve some delicious food. Here some Baby Shower food ideas that will be perfect to serve at a baby shower.

These cream cheese mints are easy to make creamy melt in your mouth mints are a great addition to baby showers.

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