Back to school party favors.

It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating the end of the school year, yet my Facebook feed is already filled with back-to-school posts.

While I’d like another month or two of summer, I am excited to start planning my annual back-to-school mom bash! Today I am sharing a fun back-to-school party favor that I will be giving the other ladies as they leave the party.

Back-to-School Party Favors

Back to school party favors.

Nothing says back-to-school more than a bright, polished apple and so I am running with an apple theme this year. I could have just given everyone an apple and some caramel, but it seemed so predictable. I went with more of a sweet treat.

To make this party favors you will need the following supplies:

  • Baby food jars or mini Mason jars
  • Cupcake liners
  • Ribbon
  • Adhesive
  • Thank you printable
  • Candy

Back to school party favors.

I had about a dozen baby food jars on hand that I knew would be perfect for this project. I picked them up for free, but you can purchase them online for CHEAP.

I filled the baby food jars with Sixlets. I love the rainbow of colors you can purchase. I used apple green and red.

Once the jars were filled, I screwed on the lid and added a tiny bit of adhesive to the top. I love my Scotch ATG gun – it’s perfect for something like this.

Apple Treat Jars 4

I set the cupcake liner down on top of the adhesive. (These super-cute liners are actually from Cindy’s shop.)

I also used my ATG gun to run a bit of adhesive on the back of the ribbon before tying it around the cupcake liners and jar. The ribbon is from one of American Craft’s value ribbon packs. I love to have them on hand, because of all the amazing price and all the great colors.

Once the ribbon was tied I printed out my little thank you printables and attached them with a mini clothespin (because everything mini is wonderful).


Back to school party favors.

That’s it. I made 12 favors for less than $10.

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