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Welcome Stephanie from Somewhat Simple sharing this quick and easy teacher gift- perfect for the first day of school.  She has a fabulous blog so be sure to check it out.

PencilbagwithsmartiesprintableMy kids started school this week and I am really excited about the teachers they have!

I wanted to do something nice for them on the 1st day of school,

so I came up with this idea for my kids to give to each of them:


Simply take a zippered pencil pouch ($1 @ WalMart) and fill it with Smarties candies.

Make a cute tag and add some ribbon- that is it!!!

My son is going into 3rd grade, so I put

“Mrs. Fuller loves her 3rd grade Smarties” on his teacher’s tag.

My daughter is going into Kindergarten and that didn’t fit onto the tag, so instead I just put “Mrs. Voyles loves her Little Smarties”

Leah came to the car yesterday ecstatic that “Mrs. Voyles was sharing her candy with the class!”

This idea not only made a cute gift for Mrs. Voyles, it also made Leah’s day- BONUS!

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  1. How sad a teacher would even think a child’s gift is silly. My oh my, I am almost lost for words. Please parents do not think for one minute
    99.9% of us teachers feel that way. I have been teaching for 33 years and have yet to receive a “silly little gift”. Shame on you whoever you are. Maybe it times for you to take your silly — to the house and retire.

  2. WOW Amy! Maybe it’s time you find another profession. Children love to give “silly little gifts” to their teachers. It makes them (the child)feel special. I guess your children aren’t allowed to give their teachers gifts.

  3. Very “sweet” idea…my kids are giving this to their teachers this week…thanks for the idea!!

  4. I am a teacher and a parent of young children. I love receiving any type of gift from students because thyey are so proud to give it. I appreciate the thought and would NEVER consider it just a “silly little gift.” As for being a parent, my children love to receive little treats from teachers or friends at school and I do not see any harm in a little candy once and a while. I actually find it very sad that someone would be annoyed by someone taking the time to think of them. I feel bad for students that have a teacher like that.

  5. I am a teacher and would love this, it’s very sweet and kind for someone to think of you. These look like fun! A suggestion to Amy, give the treats to the other teachers if you don’t want them, that’s a rational solution.

  6. WOW, What a comment Amy, I thought it was supposed to be the thought that counts. Doing small things for a teacher is just showing a little appreciation. Look at it as a blessing. I know that my child doesn’t eat a lot of candy, but a little gift makes his day….being the thought that counts….God Bless…..

  7. They are cute!….I will continue to give my child’s teachers anything I like until they tell me otherwise. Sometimes a little something is worth the encouragement. It’s not like they’re (the children) given treats everyday. Get over it…glad I didn’t have you as a teacher! As a parent…I see my child’s eyes light up when he gets something special at school.

  8. Amy, I understand that you don’t want or appreciate those silly gifts. However, my children come up with their own
    “silly little gift” ideas for their teachers- because they WANT to. I believe that it’s the thought that counts. I sincerely hope that my children’s teachers appreciate the thought and love that go into those “silly little gifts”.

  9. Stephanie, I think you are so sweet to go to the trouble of not only giving a first day of school gift, but also using your time and creativity to give something clever. If only there were more thoughtful people like you.

  10. As a teacher, I implore all parents to please stop giving us silly little gifts, especially those full of candy. A sincere note from you or your child is enough; flowers from your garden are lovely; a gift card for coffee or supplies is above and beyond. As a parent,I’m continually frustrated when teachers and other parents take it upon themselves to give my small children treats.

  11. These are adorable!! We have an entire month until school is back in session! When we get there, these will be perfect!

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