Eek! Halloween is fast approaching, and it’s the ideal moment to immerse yourself in the eerie ambiance of this spooktacular season with some bat-tastic DIY projects. Whether you’re gearing up for a haunted house party, looking to infuse your home with chilling decorations, or simply yearning for a dash of nocturnal charm in your crafting projects, I have free bat templates for you.

Free Printable Bat Template

Choose Your Favorite BatTemplate: Scroll through our selection of bat outlines. Simply click on the download button to download and print!

bat template
Outline of Bat
half bat template
Place on fold for large sized bats

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Bat Outlines to Print

Are you ready to embrace the festivities of Halloween? It’s one of my favorite times of the year, and I’m here to make it extra special, especially for the little ones and kids at heart. From classroom activities to home decorations and Halloween parties, here is a fun way to add a touch of spookiness to your celebrations. Choose large ghost templates to small ones that our four to a piece of paper and get crafting.

two bat template
four bat template
printable bat outline
Bat Silhouette
two bat outline
four bat outline
bat with feet template
Printable Bat Outline
half bat with feet outline
two bat with feet template
four bat with feet template

How to Use Bat Templates

Now that you have your bat outlines ready, the Halloween crafts are endless! Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Halloween Cards: Adhere the bat to a blank card, creating a spooky and personalized greeting.
  • Bat Decorations: String together several bat templates to form a hauntingly delightful garland.
  • Bat Stencils: Employ the template as a stencil for painting or crafting eerie window decorations.
  • Bat Puppets: Cut bats out of black construction paper and attach a craft stick to the back of each bat for some flying puppetry fun.
  • Costumes: Affix the bat template to clothing for an effortlessly enchanting bat-themed costume.
  • Tracing Fun for Preschoolers: Spark the Halloween spirit with some creative tracing activities for preschoolers using the medium-sized bat templates. These outlines are perfect for little hands to practice their fine motor skills and imagination.
  • Printable PDF Bat Decor: Download and print the bat templates as a PDF on your home printer. Let kids add their personal touch by coloring the wings with crayons, and then simply cut them out. These bat crafts are excellent for decorating the porch, setting the stage for some spooky fun when trick-or-treaters visit.
  • Crafty Cardstock Bat Craft: With some cardstock, glue, and googly eyes, create charming bat crafts with the small bat template. These little winged creatures are ideal for card embellishments, adding a delightful Halloween twist to your handwritten notes.
  • Bulletin Board Bat Display: For the classroom, craft black cardstock bats from the medium bat templates and add them to bulletin boards. These creepy critters will help infuse the Halloween spirit and make the kindergarten or preschool environment more exciting.
  • Foam Bats with a Cricut Cutting Machine: If you have a Cricut or other cutting machine, go big with large bat templates to cut foam bats. These simple bat outlines can be placed in the front yard, creating an eerie but kid-friendly atmosphere to greet trick-or-treaters.

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These bat templates are a versatile and engaging way to bring the Halloween spirit to life. From preschool tracing activities that encourage fine motor skills to create charming cardstock bats with googly eyes, the possibilities are endless. These crafts can adorn your porch for the arrival of trick-or-treaters or transform a classroom bulletin board to captivate young minds in kindergarten and preschool. And for those with cutting machines like the Cricut, larger bat templates allow you to fashion foam bats for a spooky front yard display. Whether you’re seeking fun crafts or decorations, these printable bat templates in different sizes will surely make your Halloween celebrations memorable for kids and adults alike, spreading the spooky delight of the season.

More Fun Bat Crafts

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