Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Check out these Christmas stocking stuffer ideas. Christmas morning will be exciting with the perfect stocking stuffer. Make every family member happy with these Christmas gifts this holiday season.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Good stocking stuffer ideas

What are the best stocking stuffers?

Stocking stuffers are best when they are smaller items. I always like to choose a few candy treats, some favorite items, and a few surprises. It is fun to make a stocking special on Christmas Day. I hope you will like these fun stocking stuffer ideas!

Stocking Stuffers Toddlers

It can get tricky making a stocking for a toddler.  Just keep it simple! Toddlers love finding surprises but they don’t need that many things!

Candy, and socks are perfect!

Play foam snowman set

 stocking stuffer ideas for girls and teen girls

rainbow notes

large claw clips

  • THE AMAZING WET BRUSH This little thing has changed how we brush hair, no more pain! Slides right through! This is perfect for tangled hair!

stocking stuffer for girls

  • CELLPHONE WALLET CASE This is amazing, it holds cash and three credit cards, perfect when you don’t want to carry much! I need one. They make them for several phone brands (not just iPhones)
  • IT’S-A TEN (Miracle Leave-In Spray). This is my fav hair product. It’s the cure for damaged hair and smells amazing, great price right now for the big bottle! Also, I tried the light version (someone recommended) it’s also amazing!

stocking stuffer



Stocking Stuffers For Boys

These stocking stuffers are fun for the boys in your life. They actually make unique stocking stuffers for anyone!

stocking stuffer for boys

stocking stuffer ideas

tooth paste

stocking stuffer ideas FOR Men

These are some of best stocking stuffer ideas for men but are great for almost anyone on your list. You can easily use these stock stuffer ideas for adults of any age or gender.

charging cord

This is a must-have little gadget. Charge your devices anywhere without an outlet! Perfect for when you are on the run! (affiliate link). Fit easily inside a stocking.

cellphone battery charger

cleaning gel


Stocking Stuffer ideas For Women

What can I put in my girlfriends stocking?

What are stocking stuffer ideas for wife?

Most women love jewelry, and jewelry is small enough to slip in someone’s stocking. Earrings make the perfect stocking stuffers for women.

Most women love being pampered. Bubble bath, lotion, or a spa gift card.

  • essential oils make a great stocking stuffer
  • Eye masks
  • Bath, perfume, or make  gift sets are a favorite gift idea! Look for small ones for stockings! Lipstick and mascara set, purse size or sample perfumes!
  • Bath Bombs
  • Rub Away Bar -Smelly foods are hard to avoid in the kitchen. Luckily, this stainless steel bar can rub away any lingering fish, onion or garlic odor — no water needed.
  • Reuseable drinking straws Easy to toss in her purse when she is on the go!

reusable drinking straws

running gloves


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