Birthday Cake Bunting

This printable  birthday cake bunting is a quick and easy way to make a special Happy Birthday Cake. Once you have made this darling Happy Birthday Cake bunting be sure to whip up a few simple party hats! These little touches are sure to make for a fun and festive party.

birthday cake bunting

How to make a mini cake bunting

Download the free printable cake bunting. You will also need two straws, two long wooden skewers, hot glue gun, glue stick, scissors, string, stickers (optional), free rosette template.

mini cake bunting tutorial

Download —> Printable Birthday Cake Bunting

Cut out each tiny flag. Fold flags in half and glue with glue stick the ends around a thin string.

How to make paper rosettes {paper medallions}

Download and print paper rosette printable. Each rosette will need two strips and two circles.  Print rosette download in color on good quality copy paper. A 1/2 circle punch works great for cutting the circles.

rosette step 1

Accordion fold each paper strip.

rosette step 2

rosette step 3

Trim one end of the acordian folded paper at a slant on each strip

paper rosette step 4

Glue two strips together end to end so you have one long strip.

rosette step 5

With glue stick glue the ends together to form a circle. Glue one of the circles to the back and another to the front. Place a sticker in the center if you like.

rosette step 5


Lay bunting out how you would like it to hang. Hot glue the ends of the string to the straw on each side. Next hot glue the paper rosette on the straw covering the ends of the string.

happy birthday cake bunting

The back will look like this.

happy birthday cake bunting tutorial

TaDa the perfect mini cake bunting for a very festive Happy Birthday cake!

Mini birthday cake bunting