Welcome to the new Skip to my Lou!

Last January I received a special gift, the use of an intern from our local university.  She has spent the last several months helping me develop a site that truly represents me.  So today, you are seeing me.  See that girl pulling a wagon of unruly random items, skipping through life, blissfully creating, crafting, celebrating—-that is me.  I have big plans for this little spot on the web.  I hope you will hang on with me for the ride!

I can’t thank my intern, Amanda, enough for her hard work and her willingness to share her talents with me.  She has endured thousands of e-mails, countless questions and many cries for help!   How amazing to be able to capture a person as she so cleverly did. Her work has truly exceeded my expectations. She is so  gifted. You can see more of her fantastic work at 2nvoke.

I only wish it took pretty graphics to make a web-site, instead it is tedious work. There are codes involved that send my head spinning! This whole thing is only here because my niece’s husband has painstakingly placed it all here. He has spent hours fixing, tweaking and answering my stupid questions.  He has gently been teaching, so that maybe I will be able to help myself one day.  He has been patient, calm and performed work that blows my mind. What a talent he has!  This guy is smart, check out his programming blog.  I am thankful beyond measure for all he has done, but there has been one very special and unexpected blessing in this whole endeavor—-  I have been able to get to know him better. I have so enjoyed talking with him, listening to him and watching him work! He is such a kind and generous man, gifted, totally sweet (I know a man doesn’t want to be called sweet–but it is sooo true) and a total pleasure to be around! My niece is a lucky girl!–actually I am the lucky one, to have them both!

So because of Amanda and Juan Ignacio, you are looking at the new Skip to my Lou.  My heart overflows with thankfulness for these two special talents! Yes, I have been blessed. I hope you will like things around here.  I am still making changes and trying to improve things——–so if you see a problem, a broken link or  have an idea (I love those) please let me know!


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