We love to “Boo” or “Ghost” our friends!  Instead of printing copies of the instructions and asking our friends to do the same, we make a container that can travel. This year we made a ghost bag.

All you need is some printable fabric
or if you live on the edge you can make your own.

How to make your own printable fabric

Cut a piece of freezer paper and a piece of white muslin both just shy of 8 1/2″ X 11″.

Place the white muslin on the shiny side of the freezer paper.  With iron on cotton setting, iron the muslin to the freezer paper. It just takes a couple of passes with the iron.  Flip it over and give it another pass, smoothing out any bubbles.

Printable Ghost Face

Printable Booing Poem

Download the ghost face and poem.  Print them onto the fabric.  I do think it works best in a printer that feeds from the back and comes out the front (no bending or turning inside the printer). This technique does not work in a copy machine.  This is risky business, so only do this if you like to flirt with danger! If you are worried, buy the fabric intended to be printed on and follow the directions on the package. For me, I can’t resist. I love feeling like I conquered my printer!

With right sides together sew around three sides of the ghost. Trim edges.

On one side, open up the seam and stitch about an inch down from the top on each side. This will keep the fabric from unraveling when we send the ribbon through. If you use white thread you won’t see it!

Fold top of bag down about a half inch. Sew all the way around. Do not leave an opening. This will make a pocket to send the ribbon through. We will make the opening in the next step.

Clip the seam open above the stitching line on the side with the stitched down seam.

Place a safety pin on 1/4 inch wide ribbon.

Feed the ribbon through the top pocket on the bag.

Leave  the ribbon long, so it can be easily hung on a door knob. All the instructions for how to “boo” are printed right on the bag!

Now we are ready to “Boo!” How about you?

If you don’t sew, just print the poem out and attach to a store bought ghost container.

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  1. Love this ghost bag for BOOING! Anyone would love to find it hanging on their front door! So cute and such a great design!

  2. Such a cute idea! I love it, thanks for sharing! I just pinned it on pinterest. Someday…. I will make it.

  3. I love these! I really like the idea of passing something along to each family rather than just a typical print out.

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