It is time to “boo”! This year we made it super simple! Just download and print the free booing printable on cardstock. Print an extra copy on regular copy paper to stick with your goodies, so your friends can easily make a copy.

booing printable
Booing Printable

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Printable Boo Sign

Booing for sure is one of our most loved Halloween traditions. Each year I create a new Halloween printable to bake the best booed baskets EVER! Fill a basket, top or treat bag full of Halloween treats at your friend’s front door.

free booing printable
Booing Signs PDF Download

How to Make

This booed game to play with friends and neighbors is super easy with these free printables.

  1. Download and print the booing sheets on white cardstock. Make two copies.
  2. Cut one ghost and tag out. Punch a hole and attach the tag to the ghost’s hand if you like.
  3. Fill a gift sack or basket with Halloween candies and treats and slip in the ghost and let him peek out of your treats. We used black lunch sacks. A  black plastic caldron or plastic pumpkin would be cute too! Include the extra sheet so your friend can make a copy.
boo printable

More Ways to Boo on Halloween

You might like to see how we have “booed” our neighbors in the past. I hope you will join in the Halloween FUN!

Hope you have fun boo ing! Celebrate the whole month of October! If your kids are older and don’t want to play along, no worries. Here is how you can have fun trick or treating your adult friends.

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  1. This is so cute! I printed it to use and actually just dropped it off for a co-worker but then reread it and noticed it says place ghost on your “widow” instead of window. 🙂 The bummer is I gave it to an English teacher lol

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