Warm, delicious, soft homemade bread is one of my very favorite things.  There is nothing like homemade bread right out of the oven with melted butter. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  The aroma that fills the house is almost as good as the first bite of warm bread!  These bread recipes are for all levels some you make in your bread machine, some are even quick rise recipes.  If you feel intimidated by making bread this post is for you.

Bread Recipes

bread recipes

Try making this Beer BreadYou won’t believe it –only four ingredients and less than an hour and you have delicious homemade bread! 

bread recipes

Basic homemade bread This easy bread recipe bakes up deliciously golden brown. There’s nothing like the homemade aroma wafting through my kitchen as it bakes.

Making bread in a bag is an easy and fun way to teach kids (or anyone) how to make bread! This is one of the most popular recipes on my site.

This no-knead bread is chewy, airy, and had a crispy crust.  Very good.

Make a nice hearty sandwich using this sweet, moist wheat bread. The best part is it is really easy to make. When I think of bread making I think of hard work, but not with this recipe. The hardest part of this recipe is the waiting for it to rise and bake.

Have you ever heard of Amish Friendship Bread? This bread comes with a start from a friend and you just add some ingredients and bake.  You can be the one to get this started with your friends I have included the recipe for a start!

This recipe for hearth bread, also known as “The Easiest Loaf of Bread You’ll Ever Bake,” appeared on the back of our King Arthur Flour bags for years. Many a baker has learned to bake crusty hearth-style bread using this recipe — how about you? With its directions geared towards the beginning bread baker, this is a wonderful place for a “newbie” to start.

loaf of bread

Unique Bread Recipes

Fresh BaguettesGreat eaten fresh from the oven. Make delicious crusty sub sandwiches, etc.

Best Bread Machine BreadThis recipe is easy and foolproof. It makes a very soft and tasty loaf of bread with a flaky crust all in your bread machine.

Traditional Egg bread You can add 1 cup raisins or golden raisins to the dough just before shaping and then make the loaves into round braids.

Rosemary Bread RecipeThis bread has a great flavor. It is moist, light and has a crispy crust.

Here is a good Russian Black Bread recipe.  The vinegar adds a bit of a bite, serve it with cheese it is marvelous.

Crusty Italian Parmesan Bread is one of the easiest bread recipes around. Perfect for just about any dinner, one loaf never lasts long. It’s delicious.

homemade bread

Here are a few sweet bread recipes.

We love banana bread. I even freeze ripe bananas so I have them when we have a craving. This recipe really is the easiest recipe you will find.

Pumpkin bread is another family favorite in the fall.  It is moist and delicious! I love to bake several loaves and give them to neighbors.

This peach bread has a secret ingredient that makes it easy to serve year round.

There is nothing like homemade strawberry jam on warm homemade bread! Make some jam today!


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  1. maybe its just my computer but when I click on the link for the peach bread there is only a picture, not a recipe. Thank you for all the other bread recipes! My family is excited to try them all!

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