I love bringing Spring indoors by displaying extra long branches of forsythia.

How to Force Forsythia

These branches can even be brought inside before they have started blooming! Just look for swollen buds. This year I missed my chance to see them bloom early inside my house. So I looked for branches with plenty of buds still left on the branches.

Cut branches and gently mash the bottom of the branches with a hammer. This way they can draw up plenty of water.

Strip the bloom, buds and leaves from the base of the branches so they will not sit in the water when the branches are placed in a vase.  Change the water frequently. Soon all the branches will bloom.

and your home will be naturally decorated for Spring!

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  1. going outside right now….hoping to find some stalks with blooms and buds left on them. we’ve been having wind , snow and rain!

  2. Oh fantastic! I can’t wait to bring some of mine inside, I just noticed yesterday that they were starting to bloom. Thanks for the info on how to help force them bloom indoors. Yours are beautiful!

  3. Growing up my mom always cut the Forsythia’s in front of our house and had them bloom inside. Reminds me of my childhood….thanks for posting the idea.

  4. I have these fake from Joanns! How gorgeous in real life, never knew the name of the bloom, thank you for the information.

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