Hi everyone.  I’m Mary Beth from Cupcakes and Crinoline and I’m here today to share a fun kids craft that will be perfect for Easter.

Colorful Water Bottles for Easter Crafts

I was at a craft store recently and found these small water bottles and immediately thought that they could be used for something crafty.  I wasn’t exactly sure what but I bought them anyway and left them next to my desk where I stared at them (again and again and again) and had some ideas but nothing I was totally happy with.  Then, while I was getting ready to go to sleep the other night it finally came to me.  Bunnies! So I came up with this bunny hugs easter craft!

Easter party hand-painted water bottle treats for kids from cupcakesandcrinoline.com

I started by taking the bottles apart and washing and drying them thoroughly.  I then proceeded to just paint!

How to make Bunny Hugs Easter Craft


Colorful plastic water bottles

Craft paint in white, black and pink

Various paint brushes

Water bottle with bunny painted on it - step one

When I say I started painting I mean just that.  Have FUN! I used a stencil brush to dab on white paint in a circle-ish shape. I chose the stencil brush so that the effect was that of fur and not something smooth.  I didn’t paint a perfect circle but that’s okay ~ bunnies aren’t perfectly round.  😉  I also stippled a smaller circle to one side of the bunny for his little cotton tail.

Close up of hand-apinted bunnies on water bottles from cupcakesandcrinoline.com

Once the circle (body) was dry I used black paint and a very fine tipped paintbrush with long bristles to make outlines for ears, to paint on the eyes, the nose, the mouth, two little feet and I outlined the cotton tail.  I found the best eyes were those that were set far apart. It gives the bunny a happier face.

Once the black paint was dry I painted some white inside the ears.

When the white paint dried I added a small amount of pink paint to the inside of the ears.  This isn’t something that needs to be perfect.  All the little bunnies will be unique just like the little bunnies you’ll be giving these to.

Hand-Painted Bunny Hugs Water Bottles for Kids

When everything is dry put the water bottles back together and give them to the little ones in your life!

Free Bunny Hugs Hand Painted Bunnies on Water Bottles with Matching Drinks ~ great kids Easter party treat from cupcakesandcrinoline.com

When I was getting ready to paint the bottles I went into my garage and saw a box of Hugs drinks and at that point realized that they matched the water bottles PERFECTLY.  That being the case I thought these would be perfect together for an Easter party.

Water Bottles and Hugs Fruit Barrels

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