Book lovers, are you looking for a nice bookmark idea? You can get a square piece of paper and make simple origami corner bookmarks… or you can simply download and print our beautiful butterfly bookmarks!

Single page with four butterfly bookmarks in color.
These are such pretty bookmarks!

These free printable butterfly bookmarks are a great gift for avid readers, so print as many as needed and give them away to friends and family!

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Butterfly Bookmark Craft Supplies

I am leaving this list of things you may need to make your own bookmarks. These butterfly bookmarks are so easy and so cute.

Butterfly Bookmark Step by Step Instructions

  1. Download the free PDF file 
  2. Print it on white card stock
  3. Cut each bookmark individually 
  4. Your butterfly bookmark is all ready!

Note: Turn your paper butterfly bookmark into a butterfly laminated bookmark using a laminator – that way it will last even longer.

​Butterfly Bookmark

Single page with four butterfly bookmarks in color.
Print your own butterfly bookmarks today!

Want more bookmark ideas?

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