Have you ever tried making cake mix cookies? What is that you ask? Cake Mix Cookies are cookies that start with a cake mix. That is right you can make some of your favorite recipes from a simple cake mix. Just add some of your favorite ingredients like peanut butter, cream cheese, oil, and eggs. Here are some great recipes to get you started!  Cake mix cookies are a great way to teach kids to bake because they come together so quickly and are really very easy! So go get a large bowl and let’s get started…

Cake Mix Cookies

cake mix cookies

Funfetti cookies are a quick and easy cookie to make.  They are soft and delicious! We love anything funfetti at our house and it is always the requested flavor of birthday cake!

cake mix cookies

These soft chewy Chocolate Cookies  are the perfect consistency when frozen for ice cream sandwiches. They are also delicious on their own.

These butter pecan cookies are so good. They come out soft and chewy and have the best flavor. Watch out you will never want to stop making this cookie. The secret ingredient is vanilla butternut flavoring and you guessed it a pecan cake mix.

This Snickerdoodle recipe is super simple and quick because it is made from a cake mix. You will love the soft cinnamon cookie that comes out in literally half the time.

I am such a fan of these super quick and delicious sugar cookies Seriously in less time than it would take for you to go to the store to buy cookies, you can bake these yummy cookies. That is the beauty of cake mix cookies.

cake mix recipes


These Buckeye Brownie Cookies combine the best of both worlds…brownies and buckeyes! If you love buckeyes, but don’t like taking the time to dip them in chocolate, you’ll love this easy cookie recipe!

You must make these soft and gooey Butter Cake Mix Cookies! They are melt-in-your-mouth good, super quick and easy to make and you can add some variety by using different cake mix flavors!

Give your sweet tooth the lip-smacking goodness these easy Lemon Cake Mix Cookies serve up!


For more cake mix recipes try my…

Lemon Cake

This Lemon Cake recipe starts with a cake mix. It is so simple and so delicious. If you are like me I like the ease of starting with a cake mix.

cake mix desserts

You could also make the most delicious Kahlua cake. It is super moist and since it starts with a cake mix it goes together quickly! You won’t be disappointed!

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  1. I discovered the basic cake mix cookie recipe about 25 years ago when my kids were little. It’s like your Funfetti recipe without the extra sprinkles: cake mix, 2 eggs, 1/3 cup oil. These were a great option when we were financially strapped, but I wouldn’t feed them to kids on a regular basis. Boxed cake mixes contain hydrogenated oils (trans fats) and often synthetic propylene glycol mono- and diesters of fats, artificial flavors and dyes – dyes which have been banned in other countries due to the evidence of carcinogenic effects linked to them. Maybe a health food cake mix doesn’t have those things, but honestly, I make homemade cookies every week for my 89 year old dad and although they cost maybe double what cake mix cookies cost, I know what is in them.

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