As most of you know I love canning!  I have the sweetest giveaway for you so scroll to the bottom to see the goods! If you want to learn more about canning you can watch the fifth annual Can-It-Forward Day, live broadcast online at This is an event celebrating the joys of fresh preserving. Can-It-Forward Day encourages gardeners & food enthusiasts across the country to celebrate what “Made From Here” means to them by fresh preserving their favorite local ingredients in peak season. New this year, you can ask questions in real time and there will be an exciting celebrity mason jar auction unveiled during the webcast! If you can’t tune in the video will be available the next day.

I am thrilled to show off the FreshTECH Electric Water Bath Canner + Multi-Cooker.  It is a plug-in, countertop appliance that eliminates the need for stove top heating.  This removes the concerns of ceramic-glass stove top owners and makes it more convenient to handle than traditional water bath canning pots.  Let me tell you it makes canning way more convenient! I loved the spigot on the side to drain the hot water! You also don’t need to monitor boiling water or move the pot to fill and drain. I love it and you get the chance to win one!

Freshtech electric waterbath canner

You can easily make all your canned favorites!  I love making homemade apple pie filling and

printable homemade  apple filling

homemade strawberry jam! What are your favorites?

homemade strawberry jam

We are getting ready to make pickles! I can’t wait. If you want to give the FreshTECH Electric Water Bath Canner + Multi-Cooker a try be sure to enter for the chance to win one! You will also win the Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving. It is the most trusted resource in home canning for over 100 years and includes 75 new recipes, and pictorial step by step guides. To get you started you will also get a case of regular mouth pint jars.

Wait for the rafflecopter to load and be sure to enter. Let’s get canning!
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  1. I canned as a young girl with my Mother. We canned everything! When she passed away more than 35 years ago when I was a new Mother, I quit. Now my three grown daughters can and I want to do it with them to try and build the memories I have with my Mother. This new water bath makes it look so much simpler than it was 35+ years ago. I would love to start canning again with something so neat.

  2. I love, love, love to can! What a great new tool that would make canning so much easier.

  3. Will be taking a water bath canning class later this month….would love to start out with one of these. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  4. I had no idea such a thing existed! How awesome! So many people around me can improperly. Gotta have the hot water bath!

  5. Love your site and would love to win just like everyone else. I do a lot of canning every year with my daughter. We grow as much as we can to save money and also we know what we are eating.

  6. This would be a godsend. My hubby dropped a heavy bead pan and broke my glass stovetop last October and the hotplate I cook on isn’t very good for canning! I need to can because we can buy veggies in bulk and save money. It isn’t easy to get by on Social Security.

  7. This is a great canner! I love the fact that they put a spigot on the side. It is a challenge to dump the water out of the traditional water bath canners due to how tall they are.

  8. I really enjoy canning, and often can with friends. Sometimes, space on the stove is an issue, so this would make a great solution. Plus, my current canning pot doesn’t have a flat bottom, so I can’t use it on my electric stove.

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