The girls from You’ve Got Supper are here sharing some yummy  candy cake recipes perfect for Spring celebrations!

Susan and Michelle write…

These spectacular “candy” cakes are ageless.  From kindergarten to college graduations, these tried-and-true (and then tried again) cakes would make any event extra delicious!

Congratulations Class of 2010!

1.  Whopper Malted Milk Ball Cake – This cake was devoured.  Maybe it was the malt flavored cake, or the malt flavored ice cream, or the fudge sauce, or the homemade whip cream, or just the crushed Whoppers on top.  In my honest opinion, each of these layers was delish but the combination was divine.

2.  Out of this World Milky Way Cake –  Even my father-in-law raved about this one.  I mean, who doesn’t love a milky way?  Total bundt cake bonanza.

3.  Double Stuff Oreo Cake – I made this one into a race track for my son’s 6th birthday.  Oops – I melted the chocolate glaze a little too much so it dripped over the sides but I kind of like it that way.  Next time I will assemble the cake on parchment paper before spreading the glaze.  Then, remove the parchment, gently, from underneath the cake so the drips will not accumulate at the bottom of the cake.

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  1. They all look and sound delish! I am trying to lose a few lbs. that I gained this winter so I won’t be making a cake anytime soon but I do like Susan & Michele. I get their weekly menu!

  2. I should never read blogs like this right before supper! I’ll have to eat quick and head to the store for some ingredients!

  3. Thanks for the recipes! Last year I made my brother in-law a Butterfinger cake for his birthday, this year, I’m making one of these!

  4. Thank you for sharing. I gained 10 pounds just by stopping by your blog today! Ha!

  5. Great post and it is funny to see the belly fast weight loss at the end of your email!!!

  6. Did you know that the ad at the bottom of this post in my email was “1 Trick of a tiny belly” LOL I am sure that these cakes are not how that could be accomplished. I can only imagine how delicious these cakes must be!

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