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Now that Fall is here and Halloween is right around the corner, it seemed only fitting to come up with a wreath that is is both fun for Fall and Happy for Halloween.  We think this Candy Corn Lima Bean Wreath does just that.candy-corn-lima-bean-wreath-3We believe that when making a wreath is should not only be pretty, but simple and inexpensive too.  We think that this beauty does just that.   Here’s how we made it.




  • Straw Wreath
  • Two Bags of Large Lima Beans
  • Yellow and Orange Spray Paint
  • Hot Glue Gun with Glue
  • Ribbon for Hanging


The first step for this project is to divide one of the bags of lima beans in half.  Using newspaper or painters tarp, layout the beans in a single layer to paint.  spray-painted-lima-beansSpray one half the bag of beans yellow and the other half orange.  Once they are dry, its time to start to assemble.candy-corn-gluingStarting on the outside of the wreath, begin to glue a row of the same colored beans all the way to the inside.  In most cases the wreath will be hanging on a wall or door and so there is no need to glue the beans in a full circle around the entire wreath because the back will be never been seen.  So just stick to what is visible.  I like to glue the beans at a slight diagonal, but it would look just as cute in straight rows or even random.candy-corn-gluing-rowsContinue around the wreath until you have the entire wreath covered.  candy-corn-lima-bean-wreath From here, you simply add a ribbon to hang and viola, you have yourself a fun and festive Fall/Halloween Lima Bean Candy Corn Wreath that cost under $10 to make.candy-corn-lima-bean-wreath-2Happy Fall and Happy Crafting!

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DNHMom-2My name is Alli and I blog over at Made with HAPPY.  Over the last year, my love of creating, making and adventure has taken me from a full time Corporate Marketing Strategist to full time Crafting, DIYer, Party Throwing, Traveling, Foodie who runs around the park, blowing bubbles and having spontaneous dance parties in my kitchen.  I happen to also love all things HAPPY, and hope that this wreath inspires a tiny piece of HAPPY for this FALL.

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  1. such a fun idea! I just love this candy corn lima bean wreath and since it’s so inexpensive, you could play around with the colors and have more than one!

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