No visitors? No worries! Caring for shut-ins or someone sick that can’t get out and about or receive visitors can be a challenge.  We think we came up with a clever idea for our homebound friends.  Bonus, it is a fun family activity to spread a little cheer!

We decided our Heart Attack Activity could be the perfect way to help someone that is isolated to feel loved and connected.

senior looking at child through window with hearts

Caring For Shut Ins Idea

We are worried that our friends that can’t have visitors are feeling lonely and sad.  We found brightening their day couldn’t be any easier with this activity.   Plus. you will have fun as you secretly leave sweet messages on bright colorful hearts on their windows.

hearts with messages


Here are the printable hearts we used. Download the file, print on bright cardstock and cut out. Who wouldn’t want to hear…….

  • You are wonderful!
  • You’re really something special!
  • On a scale from 1 to 10, you’re and 11.
  • You are loved!

——-> Printable Hearts

printable hearts with messages

If you want to write your own messages here is a blank heart template

child placing hearts on window of shut in

We quietly taped the hearts on the outside of their window where we knew our special friends would see them. We got the whole family involved.

boy putting heart on outside window

Care Packages 

Looking for more ways to show love and share kindness? These care packages are easy to put together with printables tags and are sure to make someone feel special and oh so loved!

Here are some beautiful friendship quotes to text to a friend or write in a card.


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  1. Hey! This is so great!! We are in Shutdown as well here in Germany and I really miss my grandparents/family. But since I am a caregiver, it would be to dangerous to see them right now.

    Also I suggested your Post to “5LoveLanguages” to spread the love. All credits to you of course for such a fantastic idea. Thank you for this inspiration. Stay safe and stay home!!

  2. There are a few senior couples in our neighborhood that my 8 year old has really missed being able to visit. She will love this idea!

  3. I love this idea – such a fun and easy way to bring joy to people when we can’t be with each other.

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