Cat Drawing is my newest easy step-by-step tutorial! Grab your pencil, paper and follow along with these 7 easy drawing steps to draw a cute cartoon cat just like this!

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cat drawing with detail
Simple Cat Drawing

Cat drawing Supplies

Young artists, do you like to sketch animals? Just gather a few supplies you probably already have and start on this simple cat drawing.

  • paper
  • pencil
  • eraser
  • colored pens and pencils

It’s Easy to Draw a Cat! Follow These Steps.

The instructions and illustrated images will show you how to draw this cat from start to finish. All you need to do is follow the easy steps.

  1. Draw a small oval for the cat’s head and space down and draw a long oval for the cat’s body. Notice how both ovals are slightly tilted at an angle.start cat drawing with oval for body and circle for head
  2. Draw a curving line from the right side of the cat’s head to the right side of the cat’s body. Repeat on the left side taking care to curve in slightly and back out again to form the front of the cat’s throat.add neck to cat sketch
  3. The outline of the cat is almost complete! In the middle of the cat’s head, draw a curved line from top to bottom. In the middle of the cat’s face, add a curved line from side to side. These curved lines will be erased later, but for now, they serve a guides for placing the eyes, nose and mouth. Draw the ears on top of the cat’s face by using a rounded triangle shape and then adding a straight line on the add ears and lines for face of the cat
  4. Draw a cat’s face by adding 2 eyes, a nose, a mouth and a chin. The eyes are shaped like lemons and are drawn on the mid-line of the face. Add a pupil right in the middle of each eye right on the guide line. The nose is centered on the middle guide line. Connect the left eye to the left side of the nose with a curved line and do the same with the right side of the nose. Drop wide U shaped lines down from the middle of the nose in both directions and draw another wide U shaped line underneath to represent the bottom lip.add facial features nose mouth and eyes to cat drawing
  5. Draw front legs, paws and back legs and paws in this step. The front legs drop down from the cat’s chest in slanted parallel lines. Curve out and down to form the front paws. Add 2 curved lines inside each paw to represent toes. Draw a half-oval at the bottom of the body to represent the back leg of the cat. Add the back feet by drawing 2 straight lines out and curving down and straight back to the body. Add 2 curved lines to each foot to represent toes.draw legs to the cat drawing
  6. Draw the tail in the shape of the letter S, starting and ending at the bottom of the oval body.add tail to the cat sketch
  7. Use a series of short bold strokes to represent the furry texture of the cat’s fur. After you make these bold strokes, go back and erase any original lines and guidelines you drew.add fur details to cat drawing
  8. Finally, add ear hair, eyebrows, whiskers, a fur line at the neck, and a fur chin line using bold short strokes. You just completed your cat drawing EASY!final step adding whiskers and details to the easy cat drawing

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Easy Cat Drawing Video

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