These darling chick sucker holders are a fun little Easter craft and make cute favors! They are simple to put together, with my free printable.  We love to make things for holidays! Check out my Easter Bunny Cupcakes. If you like to crochet try my free Easter egg garland pattern now is the perfect time to start making it.
chick sucker holder add sucker

How to make chick sucker holders

Grab some Dum Dum suckers, yellow feathers, ribbon, scissors and glue dots and you are ready to make these super cute chick sucker holders.
chick sucker holder supplies

Download the Chick Sucker Holder . Print in color on regular copy paper and cut out. Use a hole punch or the end of the scissors to make a hole where marked. Tie a small bow around the base of the sucker.

chick sucker holder for dum dum


Feed the sucker through the holes. Place a glue dot on the bottom of the sucker and stick it to the feet of the check.  Use another glue dot to attach a small piece of feather to the head. TaDa….. a cute little chick for Easter!

chick sucker holder Easter Craft


You might like to make a Bunny Sucker Holder to go with your chick.

Bunny Chick sucker holders

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  1. We made these with the ladies from the nursing home for their spring craft sale and they were a hit!! Thanks for the free printable’s!!

  2. could you please make your patterns so we could print them on colored paper and save on ink????

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