silly cartoon chicken laughing
  1. What do chickens tell scary stories about? The Poultrygeist.
  2. What do chickens grow on? Eggplants.
  3. Why did everyone laugh at the chicken? She was a real comedihen.
  4. What sound does a negative rooster make? Cock a doodle don’t.
  5. What do chickens dance to? Henhouse music.
  6. Why did the chickens try and escape? They felt cooped up.
  7. What do you call a bird that’s afraid to fly? Chicken.
  8. How do chickens feel when you remove their feathers? Plucking terrible.
  9. What do you call it when a hen takes a rooster’s place in the morning? Alarm clucks.
  10. What do sick chickens get? Human-pox.
  11. What do you get if you cross an elephant and a chicken? A peckyderm.
  12. Why don’t chickens like people? They beat eggs.
  13. Which US state has the most chickens? Yolklahoma.
  14. Why did the young rooster act like his dad? Like feather, like son.
  15. Which US state do chickens avoid? Kentucky.
  16. What do poetic chickens enjoy? Spoken word poultry.
  17. What do chickens fear the most? The Apeckalypse.
  18. Why are some chickens treated better than others? Because of the pecking order.
  19. Why do people pinch their nose when walking past the chicken coop? Because of the fowl odor.
  20. How do you get a chicken to read your blog? Cluckbait.
  21. Why did the rooster never come home to his hen? He was free range.
  22. What do you get when you cross a chicken with a cement mixer? A brick layer.
  23. Why couldn’t the chicken find her eggs? Because she mislaid them.
  24. Why did the rooster go to KFC? He wanted to see the chicken strip.
  25. What do you call a great chicken? Impeckable.
  26. What day of the week are chickens afraid of? Fry-day!
  27. Why didn’t the chicken go to KFC? It wasn’t on her bucket list.
  28. How do you send a chicken a letter? In a henvelope.
  29. Why does a chicken coop have two doors? Because if it had four it would be a chicken sedan.
  30. What do young chickens like to watch? Chick flicks.
  31. What do confused chickens lay? Scrambled eggs.
  32. What side of the chicken has the most feathers? The outside.
  33. Why don’t chicks stop making noise? Talk is cheep.
  34. What do chicken philosophers think about? The meaning of eggsistence.
  35. Why happens when hens and roosters get together? It’s eggciting.
  36. What do chickens call it when you crack an egg? An eggsecution.
  37. What does a hen say when she lays an egg? Eggscuse me.
  38. Why did the policeman interrogate the egg? To make it crack.
  39. What do you do if you see a hen laying? Egg her on.
  40. How do chickens like their eggs? Hatched.
  41. How do comedians like their eggs? Funny side up.
  42. What do you call someone who knows everything about how chickens are born? An eggspert.
  43. Why did the hen show off her eggs? To set a good egg-xample.
  44. What did the counsellor say to the egg? Say no to crack.
  45. What advice do you give a farmer who’s had some eggs stolen? Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.
  46. Why did the farmer lose his eggs? He had no clutch control.
  47. Why was the chicken different to the others? Because she was a little eggcentric.
  48. What happens if someone cracks an egg on your head? The yolk’s on you.
  49. How do you know if an egg joke is good? If it cracks you up.
  50. What do chickens study in school? Eggonomics.
  51. What did the one egg say to the other egg? Last one out’s a rotten egg.
  52. How do you test a chicken’s knowledge of Eggonomics? Eggzams.
  53. Why did the chicken lay an egg every day? She had hendurance.
  54. What do you do with a shy chick? Try get it to come out of its shell.
  55. When you rub an egg, what does the chicken inside feel? Egg-static.
  56. Why did the man order a chicken and an egg off Amazon? To see which came first.
  57. Why did the hen only lay in Winter? She was no spring chicken.
  58. Why did the chicken and the egg race across the road? To see which came first, the chicken or the egg!
  59. What happens if you put an egg in the microwave? It eggsplodes.
  60. Why did the chicken go through the Powerpoint presentation? To get to the other slide.
  61. Why did the chicken cross the road, roll in the mud, and cross again? Because it was a dirty double-crosser.
  62. Why was the chicken so funny? She’s a real comedi-hen!
  63. What do you get when you cross a chicken and a ghost? A poultry-geist!
  64. What do chicken families do on the weekends? They have peck-nics!
  65. What do artsy chickens enjoy? Spoken-word poultry!
  66. What are chickens most afraid of? The a-peck-alypse!
  67. What movies do hens like? Chick flicks!
  68. Which side of the chicken has the most feathers? The outside!
  69. What do you do with a shy chicken? Get her to come out of her shell!
  70. How do chickens send mail? In hen-velopes!
  71. Why did Mozart hate chickens? All they say is “Bach, Bach, Bach!”
  72. What do you call a mischievous egg? A practical yolker!
  73. What do chickens say when they burp? Eggs-cuse me!
  74. What do you call a chicken who’s a little different? Eggs-centric!
  75. What’s a chicken’s favorite school subject? Egg-onomics!
  76. How do chickens leave buildings? Through the eggs-its!
  77. Where do tough chickens come from? Hard-boiled eggs!
  78. What happens to chickens who misbehave at school? They get eggs-pelled!
  79. What does an evil hen lay? Deviled eggs!
  80. Why is your chicken’s coop smelly? The fowl odor!
  81. Why does a chicken coop have two doors? If it had four, it’d be a chicken sudan!
  82. What do chickens order for dessert? Coop-cakes!
  83. What do pessimistic roosters say? Cock-a-doodle-don’t!
  84. Why do young roosters act like their dads? Like feather, like son!
  85. What do you call a scary chicken?A poultrygeist.
  86. How do chickens leave the motorway? They take the eggs-it.
  87. Where’s the best place to find out about chickens? In a hencyclopedia.
  88. A local farmer thought his chicken coop was haunted. He had to call the eggsocist.
  89. What happens when a hen eats gunpowder? She lays hand gren eggs.
  90. Why did the chicken sit on an axe? She wanted to hatchet.
  91. What is a chicken racing driver’s favourite part of the car? The Eggs-celerator.
  92. Did you hear about the chicken who got caught when he cheated at Scrabble? His friends suspected fowl play.
  93. Did you hear about the chicken who was naughty at school? He got egg-spelled.
  94. Why did the chicken cross the road? No one knows. But the road will have its vengeance!!
  95. What does the chicken say to get across a busy street? EGGS-cuse me, please!
  96. Where can you see a chicken strip? At the chicken club.
  97. I made some jerk chicken today. He didn’t even say thank you.
  98. Local amateur poultry team had their new star striker chicken banned. Apparently, he was a professional fowl.
  99. Why did the clown cross the road? To get his rubber chicken.
  100. What direction do chickens swim in a pool? Cluck wise.
  101. What happened to the fish who ate raw chicken? He got salmon-illa.
  102. How does raw chicken taste? Fowl.
  103. What do you get when a chicken lays an egg on top of a barn? An egg roll.
  104. Did you hear about the blonde woman who has three hours of footage of raw chicken on her iPhone? The cooking instructions said remove sleeve and film.

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