Christmas Charades is a fun guessing game in which one player silently acts out a holiday word or phrase to other players. Free printable cards make playing this game with a group easy!

Be the life of the party with these Christmas jokes.

If you are looking for ideas for Christmas fun and games playing charades with Christmas words is a great option for a wide range of age groups.

How to Print

Click the download button below the picture above. Open the Christmas charades lists, print in color on white cardstock. There are three pages of cards.Cut the cards apart and play! There are two blank cards to add your own ideas.

Christmas Charade Ideas

These Christmas themed charade words make this game perfect for holiday parties. There are Charade word list for holiday movies, Christmas songs and festive things. I think you will find some good charade ideas.

Christmas charades movie ideas
christmas charades holiday things ideas

Charade Rules

  1. Divide into teams
  2. Choose a player to sart the game, and select a card without looking at it first.
  3. Set a time limit.
  4. Pantomime your word or phrase by using gestures for your team members to guess. No speaking is allowed when acting out the word in this silent game of charades competition (or else you will get penalized).
  5. If the team doesn’t guess the word the opposing team gets a chance to guess.
  6. Team with the most correct guessed words wins the game.

Common Action Clues for Playing Charades

  • A song: Pretend to sing
  • A movie: Pretend that your hands are cranking an old fashioned movie camera
  • TV show: Use index fingers to draw a small rectangle
  • A book: Pretend to read a book, by holding open hands together and opening.
  • Number of words: Hold up the number of fingers needed to say the phrase. When acting out your first word, hold up one finger then two fingers for next word etc.
  • Sounds like: Tug your ear
  • Short word: Words like a, the, of can be shown by closing the thumb and index finger of one hand together.

More Group Fun and Games

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