If you looking for some fun ways to entertain the kids and decorate your house give these simple Christmas crafts a try.

Over at AlphaMom today I am sharing a way to recycle plastic berry baskets into glittery snowflakes.

Here is a Friday Flashback that is a quick and easy project

Paper Candy Cane Craft

These paper candy canes are  activity totally addictive to make. Make a dozen and tie them to a long piece of yarn and hang them in your window or on your tree. They will make your home look  so festive!

All you need is white copy paper, ruler, pencil, marker and clear tape

Cut the paper into a square. The size of your paper determines the size of your candy cane. We made our paper 8 1/2″ X 8 1/2″. Using a ruler make a red line about 1/8″ thick down the edge of two adjacent sides of the square.

Turn the square face down and begin rolling from the corner without red lines

Keep rolling

Fasten corner with a clear piece of tape

Wrap about 3 inches of one end of the paper tube around a pencil


Adjust top and trim off any extra paper on the top and bottom

Cute and simple!

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  1. Arrrgh!! I’m smacking myself! I saved a box of berry baskets for over a year because I just thought they were too useful to get rid of. Finally, a few months ago I did a huge clean and got rid of them. Today I needed a simple snowflake craft and loved this. Too bad my baskets are gone…:(

  2. Loved your candy cane tutorial. Thanks for sharing it.
    Have made one and included it on a scrapbooking layout i did :


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