It’s the holiday season — and that means holiday games! Exchange gifts with the Christmas Dice Game, one of my family’s old favorites. Roll the Dice is easy to play, so much fun, and can be played by small groups or a large group, and you never know what you are going to get. It’s similar to Dirty Santa or White Elephant but with a fun twist.

Your group will also have fun playing Christmas charades at your holiday party.

image shows the instructions for the roll the dice and pass the presents Christmas dice game
Roll the Dice Gift Exchange Rules

Christmas Dice Game

Do you have a Christmas gift exchange coming up? No matter if it’s with work colleagues, friends or family members, Christmas gift exchange games are a lot of fun. This time of year is perfect for getting together and exchanging gifts, especially when it’s with a fun game. If you’re looking for a simple game for some holiday fun, I’ve got the answer! Roll the Dice Gift Exchange Game is a fun Christmas gift game to play with any number of guests! It’s easy to set up and it makes giving gifts more exciting.

Roll the Dice Game Supplies

This gift exchange dice game is loads of fun and easy to set up with very few items needed. It will have everyone laughing and having a great time as they watch others open their presents!

How to Play The Christmas Gift Exchange Dice Game

  1. Invite friends to bring a wrapped gift of a certain price limit. Typically the price range is around $15, but it could be any amount you choose. The person can choose the type of gift.
  2. Have everyone sit in a circle and place all of the wrapped presents in the middle – you can put them under the Christmas tree for a more festive theme.
  3. Ask everyone to choose a gift from the middle, making sure it is not the gift that they brought.
  4. The first person to throw the dice could be the youngest in the group; they throw the dice and then passes them to the next person on the left.
  5. Roll the dice.
  6. Everyone then must do what the matching number on the card says to do, for example, trade gifts, pass gifts to the right, open your gift, etc.

The end of the game is when you decide it to be. You can choose how many times to roll or go around the circle, letting each guest roll. We went around the table 3 times, then unwrapped any remaining wrapped gifts and went around a final time.

You can also choose to roll dice until all gifts are unwrapped or only pass the dice around the circle once, and then all remaining gifts are unwrapped by the person holding them.


What if I am holding my own gift and told to unwrap?

You can choose someone else to unwrap a gift, but they must not be holding their own gift.

Will everyone open a present by the end of our game time?

Yes! Keep playing the game exchange until all gifts have been unwrapped and revealed at last. I think you will find this a fun way to open the gifts.

Once a gift is unwrapped can someone steal the gift?

No. Once a gift is open, it’s out of play…… unless your group wants to have different rules and that is okay! 

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  1. If you are the first person to roll the dice and you role a 2, are you out of the game or do you participate when the next person roles a 4 or a 3 and stay in until everyone has an unwrapped gift?

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