Do you love glitter and not the mess? No worries you can actually use glitter and not have a mess with Crayola Glitter Dots. Win Win!

This holiday kids can wrap up something special for friends and family by decorating with glitter or simply have fun creating!

girl holding box with bow holding glitter votive

Glitter Dots are available in 13 different sparkly colors and three different color palettes; classic, tropical and bold.  There are fun sets with special tools (rollers, cutters, etc) for even more fun! Glitter dots are easy to use and versatile for any type of craft or project

boxes of Crayola Glitter dots

Glittery Fun With Less Mess

Just squish each dot to create glitter-infused outputs. Each dot contains a special coating so the glitter stays in the dot and not on your hands (or everywhere in your home)!

finger pressing Crayola glitter dot

We grabbed our Glitter Dots and some glass votives to make some special gifts that will make awesome holiday decorations for friends and family.

Crayola Glitter Dots

We rolled the Glitter Dots out into a sheet of glittery goodness.

rolling glitter dots

We then pressed the glitter around the outside of the glass votive. Look! No messy fingers!

placing rolled strip of glitter dot on side of glass votive

I love activities that kids can make and feel proud to give. The bonus is there was no mess!

two girls with row of DIY glitter votive holders

Since Glitter Dots will adhere to a variety of surfaces including paper, wood, felt, paper mache, fabrics, craft foam and more, why stop with glass votives. We rolled Glitter Dots directly onto wooden frames.

rolling out glitter dots on wooden frame

How easy was that!

wooden frame with glitter dots

The Glitter Dots are a perfect way to embellish a variety of objects. The girls also loved adding details to handheld mirrors.

placing heart on back of hand held mirror

Picture perfect for sure!

two girls holding glitter decorated hand held mirrors

Glitter dots are available in a variety of ways:

  • Glitter Dots Single Packs: Contains 42 dots each and comes in three different color palettes
  • Glitter Dots Activity Kits: Each kit focuses on one activity using Glitter Dots; activities include creating keychains, stickers, mosaics, and sparkly signs. Kits include 42 Glitter Dots.
  • Glitter Dots Sparkle Station: Comes with 84 dots and gives kids all the tools they need to squish, roll, and cut custom glitter dot creations that can be applied to a variety of surfaces
  • Available at and retailers nationwide in August 2019

Endless possibilities to create!

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  1. I love how easy these are to use and don’t create a big mess. My nieces are going to love these for Christmas!

  2. Super fun! My kids will love this! I never let them play with glitter because it’s such an awful mess! This is so ingenious! Crayola’s always coming up with awesome new ways to keep play time fun and clean at the same time!

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