Here are the easiest ways to gift money on the planet. Simple ideas to gift cash and give a great money gift for graduation, weddings, and even a teenage birthday.

How to make a gift money envelope

Creative Ways To Give Money

With these ideas, you will learn how to wrap money for a gift. Many of the ideas have printable gift tags to make them easy to make!  They are all great money gift ideas to gift cash!

Creative Ways To Give Money

Money Gift Ideas for Birthdays

Is it OK to give money as a birthday gift? Yes! Everyone loves a bit of money to spend as they wish! Here are some fun ways to give money for a birthday.

Money Confetti Poppers ~  Skip the gift box. Nothing says happy birthday more than confetti.  Package cash in a push pop container and add confetti for a fun idea.

money and confetti in plastic push pops

Birthday Money Cake This is the type of cake I would like to take a bite out of!

birthday cake made out of money

Money Balloons This is a fun and festive birthday gift.

money filled balloons

A folded money wardrobe is one of the creative ways to give money to a teenager for graduation or birthdays! Use floral wire to make easy “hangers”.

money gift for a teenage girl

You’re a star! At least you’ll feel like one with this origami money star

money gift for teenager

Box Of Balloons: Popping these balloons will leave the birthday boy or girl grinning all day!

money balloons

Candle Card: Be sure not to blow these candles away!

money candle card

More Money Gift Ideas

Bright Future Money Gift If you know someone embarking on a new adventure let them know you think their future is bright with this creative money gift.

bright future grad money gift

Rainy Day Money Gift Everyone can use some cash for a rainy day.  This could be a great money gift for anyone! You’re probably asking yourself, when would you gift a “rainy day money gift”? How about a teen birthday or retirement gift?

something for a rainy day gift creative way to give money

Funny and Fun Ways to Give Cash

Here are some funny money gifts. These ideas make Money gift ideas unique!

Don’t Blow It All in One Place Money Gift Remind someone to not blow their money all in one place. They will never guess money comes out instead of tissues!

don't blow it in one place gift

Dough Gift Skip the box of chocolate. This “here’s some dough gift” is so much more practical. Do you know a college student that lives on pizza?  Here is a way to give them some useful dough!

money gift you can't live on pizza so here is some dough

Fill a pizza box with dollar bills for a funny gift.

how to give cash

Cold Hard Cash Freeze cash in a block of ice for a hilarious gift.  Include a hammer so they can break it open. This for sure might be an annoying money gift.

money in ice

Empty a box of chocolates (by eating them, of course) and fill the wrappers with money instead. You get chocolate, and the recipient gets a money box. Win-win, I say.

chocolate box money gift

Couldn’t we all use a little extra dough now and then? 

unique money gift

Creative ways to give money for a wedding gift 

In case of emergency, break the glass. What a fun way to give some moolah.

money wedding gift

How about a fun money wreath? This is perfect for a wedding showing or housewarming party for the new couple.

Going to a wedding? Start a “stache” jar (get it… stash?) for the couple!

wedding money gift

Creative Ways to Give Money for Graduation

Free Graduation Cards Most graduates will agree you can’t go wrong with money!   Just roll up money to make a diploma and attach to the card.

graduation cards

money lei is traditionally used for graduation ceremonies. They also make candy leis for graduations as well.

grad money gifts

Graduation Cap: Every graduate will be excited to pop this hat onto their head on graduation night!

money graduation cap

This DIY graduation cap money holder is a clever way to give money. Just a few easy steps and you can make a memorable graduation gift!


Graduation Gift with dollar diplomas

grad gift

Creative Ways to Give Money for Christmas Presents

Yes, it is OK to give cash for Christmas. Did you know that over a billion gift cards go unused each year? It makes me think cash makes for a better gift. These are great Christmas money folding ideas!

How to Make a Cash Christmas tree. This makes a cute Christmas gift!

cash Christmas tree


Cash Wreath A fun decoration that will come in handy after Christmas.

wreath made out of money

Money tree gift money tree ideas for birthday, a wedding, a baby shower

Here is a great tutorial for how to make a money tree!

money tree

Love the idea of a pretty money topiary in a flower pot.

money tree

I hope you love these cute ideas for giving money!


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  1. Loved all the great, great ideas. So neat putting the money in a balloon. Any kid or adult would enjoy this. The plants ,wreathes and tree also cool.
    I have formed a tree with coins on the top of a box. That worked and was fun. Keep the ideas coming.

  2. Loved the graduation gift ideas! Great timing since May is graduation month!!

  3. Cool tips. I like pizza idea. When you are ‘re hungry, and you’re given this gift. It’s so great.

  4. I love the umbrella one! I’m a terrible gift giver and sometimes gift cards can seem impersonal.

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