From the moment I saw this infomercial I was in love.



I dreamt about a Cricut of my own.


So imagine my disbelief and excitement when Today’s Mama and Cricut asked to me try this unbelievable machine. I was so eager to create fabulous things, but this isn’t quite how it went down. When I saw my boys watching the instructional DVD I should have been suspicious. Just when I was ready to get started I realized my Cricut had been totally commandeered by my 12 and 16 year old boys.


Really this is the biggest testimony to the ease of the Cricut. I was impressed one thousand percent with how creative they could be with this machine —–COMPLETELY on their own without any supervision. They did not want any ideas (interference) from me.


First they made this adorable gift sack and birthday card for their aunt.


The perfect birthday gift!


They made a cool Father’s Day card for their dad.


The perfect Father’s Day card! The cartridge, “Jubilee,” has some cool sayings like “you rock” !


They even made a Father’s Day card for me to give to my dad!


I drew out some ideas for our Fourth of July table and my boys got busy. They made some bling for straws, a fun crayon box (from the Tags, Boxes Cartridge cut at 5 1/4 inch) and put the name on a rocket party favor I made. Cricut’s new cartridge, ” Stand and salute,” is perfect for celebrating the fourth of July.  My ideas are overflowing!


I know I am sounding like a commercial, but I am thrilled that it cuts fabric too. When the boys went to bed I was able to make this embellished onesie in a matter of minutes. The Simply Sweet cartridge is full of darling motifs and a delicate font.  I cut a sweet little flower for the front and a heart for the bottom and sewed the fabric shapes to the onesie.


Next time my boys are gone I am anxious to cut birds and butterflies out of vinyl for my daughter’s bedroom wall. The Home Decor cartridge if filled with adorable designs perfect to decorate your home!


I might have to wait until school starts to really get my chance, but I am thrilled that my boys love it as much as I do. Truly there are no limits— the possibilities are endless!


Cricut is having a fun promotion, “Find the Cricut Ticket” going on from July 1 – August 15th. Twenty winners (yes 20) will receive a seven day Eastern Caribean “Craft Cruise” for two, plus a $600.00 airfare credit! All you need to do is purchase one of four Cricut cartriges for a chance to find a winning ticket. Look for tickets in Jubilee, Simply Sweet, Home Decor or Stand and salute!


Would you like a chance to also win these four cool cartridges?  Today’s Mama is offering free giveaways for Cricut cartridges.  Maybe if you win a free cartridge, it will have a winning cruise ticket too!!

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  1. My Husband got me this for Christmas 2011 and I have had it early, I wanted it to cut fabric letters but the results were awful… The fabric just drags and moves, its a new mat. Ive been so disappointed I’ve not touched it for 3 weeks 🙁 I use bonda web ( British heat and bond) even starch as recommended by someone.
    Any ideas?
    The gift bag idea looks good though it this the discontinued bags cartridge? X
    Ps love the blog, first time I’ve had a really good look around.. X x been reading for an hour now x christmas traditions ate fab, first year my little boy will almost know what will be going on (2 in feb and 3 in jan)

  2. The “Happy Birthday Jenny” card is an awesome idea! I cant believe I didnt think of that myself. I use mine for all sorts of wall decorating ideas but Im still making the trip to walmart. Thanks for sharing! – Jane

  3. I have the original Cricut and I love it. Honestly, I was worried about the prices of cartridges but 1) you never have to settle for full retail prices for carts if you’re willing to troll the Internet for deals (or wait for sales at craft stores — last X-mas, Michael’s had a $29.99 sale on carts!); 2) most carts are jammed packed with plenty of options so I’m just fine with just a handful of carts.

    I cut fabric on my machine. It’s one of my favorite things to do with it. The key is to stabilize the fabric. I use heat-n-bond, leave the paper on the fabric, then run it thru the machine. They show this trick on one of the informercials. I’ve heard of people stabilizing it with freezer paper, too.

    I highly recommend the Cricut messageboards, which have tons of ideas and tips (like how to extend the life of your cutting mats, for example).

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