These crochet Christmas presents will make the perfect gift for anyone under the Christmas tree. Handmade gifts make the best gifts! You will love the clever things you can make with these free crochet patterns. So many stitches to create.

beginner-friendly projects

These projects are perfect for a beginner who is new to crocheting! Easy and simple things you can make without any practice or experience! Check out these easy crochet patterns. They tend to be quick projects.

1. Crochet hat

This hat comes together quickly! Pick your favorite colors and make something special. This is a free crochet pattern.

pink multicolor crochet hat on a smiling girl
Keeping your head warm, never was so cute.

2. Easy flower clip

Feeling like you don’t have enough time? It only takes a few minutes and a few supplies to make a simple flower crochet clip. 

pink flower hair clip on a white background
Pick your favorite color and you will have a fun hair clip in no time.

3. Elegant Crochet Cowl

This is a one-skein project and can be worn in several ways!!  I hope you enjoy this pattern!!

purple multicolored crochet cowl on model with brown coat
You can wear this in so many different ways.

4. Crochet ear warmers

If you are looking for a last-minute gift idea, something that works up quickly, this free crochet ear warmer pattern is sure to become one of your favorites!

crochet ear warmer on white mannequin head
This will keep you toasty warm!

5. Crochet Boot Cuffs

Keep warm (and stylish) with these cute and easy crocheted boot cuffs. A great beginner crochet project and also a great way to use up some extra yarn.

crochet boot cuffs on girl in jeans with brown boots
These boot cuffs are my new favorite accessory!


This crochet scrunchie is the perfect project for a beginner! Make them for family members in their favorite color! You can never have enough scrunchies. They also make the perfect last-minute gift.

green hair scrunchie on white background
Cute and useful! Everyone loves these scrunchies!

7. Crochet Lip balm Holder

This lip balm holder is a perfect way to use up left-over yarn and make a simple gift. Another free pattern.

crochet chapstick holder on wood background skip to my lou
Everyone is going to love this fun gift!!

8. Crochet Bow ties

 This is a very quick and easy project, making it a cinch for you to dress all your dapper dudes for the holiday festivities.

green crochet bow tie on little boy with plaid shirt and gray vest
An adorable holiday outfit!

9. Easy crochet pouch

This is an easy project for anyone without much time. With a few simple stitches and a button, you will have a crochet purse.

crochet pouch with lip balm
Everyone needs a little pouch like this.

10. easy crochet bath puff

Make these for all your friends! Everyone needs this smart little gift. This project is quick and easy.

blue bath puff on white background
Everyone needs one of these!

11. one hour crochet beanie

Easy tutorial to make a crochet beanie! You will be thrilled when you can make a beanie so quickly!

crochet beanie with fur ball on white background skip to my lou
These hats are so fun to color-coordinate.

12. crochet Mitten gift card holder

This is a clever way to give a gift card! Just tuck the gift card inside.

mitten gift card holder on wood background with joanns gift card skip to my lou
Perfect last minute way to give a gift card!

crochet Christmas gift ideas


These gift ideas are so unique, everyone will be excited to receive them! You will love making each one for those you love!

This V-stitch pattern comes together to make these amazing bright-colored Crochet napkin rings.

crochet napkin ring on green plate and crochet place mat
Totally unique bright and fun!

14. Merry berry coaster

These crochet coasters are not only functional but beautiful! Make up a set for someone special.

coaster set with a white mug skip to my lou
This coaster doubles as a Christmas decoration.

15. crochet candy cane cowl

Make any plain outfit look holiday ready with this candy cane cowl! Perfect to wear on Christmas day!

red and white candy cane crochet cowl on mannequin skip to my lou
Any outfit levels up with this scarf.

16. Crochet ear warmer with Bow Pattern

This crochet ear warmer is a great alternative to a snow cap in cold weather.

crochet ear warmer with cream yarn and yellow bow on a black table skip to my lou
Look cute and keep your ears cozy and warm.

17. crochet santa hat

This Santa hat is full of handmade flair! Such a cute project for this holiday season.

Girl in Santa hat on white background skip to my lou
Such a cute way to play Santa!

18. Crochet girls cowl

This quick and easy cowl is a great gift for any little girl in your life and is easily

white sparkle cowl on little girl with s white background skip to my lou
Little girls will love this cute cowl!

19. Easy Kids Cowl

This project works up quickly. I like to call it my hour cowl. They make a perfect stocking stuffer.

blue and brown kids crochet cowl on white table skip to my lou
Cowls keep kids so warm!

20. crochet fringe scarf

This scarf pattern will help you get creative. Really adds texture to any outfit and will keep someone warm during the winter months.

fringe scarf on girl skip to my lou
The fringe on this scarf makes it so unique!

21. crochet zipper pouch

This pouch can store just about anything from pencils to sunglasses.

crochet pencil pouch on red grid fabric skip to my lou
Everyone needs this darling pencil holder!

22. Snowman christmas ornament

This crochet snowman ornament is perfect as a present topper and will be adorable on any Christmas tree!

snowman ornament with red scarf  skip to my lou
Frosty never looked so cute in a red scarf!

23. Crochet Christmas Wreath

Crochet these darling Christmas wreaths in minutes. They make darling package toppers too!

Christmas wreath ornament on white table cloth skip to my lou
The red ribbon sets off this cute wreath ornament.

24. Crochet audrey tote

This tote bag will be the envy of anyone who spots it. I love this crochet idea.

black and white tote bag in womans shoulder skip to my lou
This bag will be hard to give away!

25. Crochet needle case

The sewer on your list will find this gift very helpful.

crochet needle case with needles skip to my lou
Useful and cute, this makes the perfect gift.

26. crochet slippers

Everyone needs a pair of these fun socks!

crochet socks on feet on marble background skip to my lou
Keep your feet warm in style!

27. crochet granny shawl

This makes the most beautiful shawl!

granny square shawl on pink hanger over a door skip to my lou
The colors on this are amazing!

28. snowman mug hug

This little guy will make any one smile! Perfect to gift with a mug and cocoa mix.

snowman mug holder on white mug on kitchen counter skip to my lou
A snowman hug for your favorite mug!

29. Pom pom crochet coasters

Make one in every color you can never have enough coasters!

pom pom coasters on white background skip to my lou
This set makes such a colorful and fun gift.

30. Keyhole Scarf

This scarf pattern has a great texture and style.

yellow scarf on white form skip to my lou
This scarf wraps perfectly in the front.

31. crochet wine tote

This wine bag makes your gift extra special. The fringe and snowflake are my favorite details.

red and white crochet wine bag on holiday table skip to my lou
A creative way to gift your favorite wine.

LAST-MINUTE Crochet Christmas gifts

Everyone will love these crochet Christmas gifts! Perfect for last-minute projects!

32. Crochet baby Blanket

This crochet blanket is the perfect gift for a new baby! It is one of the most popular projects on my site.

gray crochet baby blanket skip to my lou
Stunning Baby blanket!

33. Crochet Flowers

A crochet flower makes a great crochet project for beginners. Flowers are perfect to add to a hat or even the coffee cozy below.

crochet flowers skip to my lou
Making a flower is easy!

34. Crochet Flower Garland

If you like flowers this crochet flower garland is the perfect project to work on over time! It makes a lovely gift too.

crochet flower garland by window skip to my lou
This comes out just beautiful.

35. Flower Crochet COffee Cozy

This coffee cozy is so beautiful! The flowers make it really special.

crochet flower coffee cup cozy skip to my lou
The flowers make this coffee cozy pop!

36. Crochet Coffee cozy

You are going to love this darling crochet coffee cozy with buttons.  What a fun way to gift a coffee gift card to a teacher or friend!

coffee cup cozy with a button skip to my lou
Wrap up a mug or Starbucks cup with this cute cozy!

37. Crochet Granny Square Dishcloth

This crochet washcloth is something for everyone on your list! Everyone will use it every single day!

granny square crochet wash cloth skip to my lou
These wash cloths will be everyone’s favorite.

38. Crochet Dish sponge

A practical gift for every single person you know! All my friends loved these last year.

crochet dish sponge skip to my lou
Bright colors make this even more fun!

39. Floret Stitch Crochet dish cloth

This dishcloth is the perfect way to practice a double crochet stitch.

floret crochet dishcloth on stack of white plates and dish soap in background skip to my lou
Test your skills with this fun pattern!

40. Crochet Icicles

There might not be icicles hanging from the eaves just yet, but they’re a sparkly sign of the winter holidays!  Perfect as a gift topper or for hanging on the Christmas tree year after year.

Icicles on Christmas gift with a blue bow skip to my lou
Sparkly and fun these icicles come out beautifully.


In less than 30 minutes you can make this beautiful trivet!

crochet trivet on brown table runner skip to my lou
Delicate and practical trivet!

42. Beautiful Crochet Coasters

These crochet coasters are so beautiful and lacy! You will love leaving them out on your table all winter long.

crochet snowflake coasters skip to my lou
Practical and beautiful, everyone needs one.

43. Ho Ho Ho Crochet Pillow cover

This pillow is a very special holiday project! The giant pom poms are the star of the show!

Gray crochet ho ho ho christmas pillow with red pom poms
Everyone is going to want this gift!

44. Crochet mesh bag

This bag will get a lot of use! It hangs perfectly from your shoulder! It makes a perfect quick crochet gift.

Blue crochet mesh bag on woman in the street skip to my lou
Who doesn’t need a bag like this?

45. Crochet flat christmas tree

This flat Christmas tree comes together easily. You can make them quickly for your packages. I love Christmas crochet patterns.

crochet Christmas tree ornament on brown package skip to my lou
Simple way to dress up a package!

Amazing Crochet Patterns

Crocheting is one of my favorite things to do to pass time. You will love all these amazing patterns.

46. Crochet Bookmark

A Crochet flower bookmark works up in minutes. They are the perfect project for scraps of yarn. This crochet pattern is easy enough for beginners

crochet flower bookmark in open book skip to my Lou
I want one of these!

47. Crochet Gingerbread Stocking

This darling crochet gingerbread Christmas stocking whips up in no time.  Fill it up with your favorite candy or small toys.

crochet gingerbread stocking on pink background
This stocking comes together easily.

48. Crochet Bunny Rattle

This crochet bunny teether makes an amazing baby gift!

crochet bunny teether skip to my lou
This is such a sweet little baby toy!

49. Snowman Apron Pattern

This cute little apron is the perfect gift for a little one who will love wearing it for all their holiday baking each year.

crochet-snowman-apron on a little girl in the kitchen skip to my lou
Cutest way to where an apron!

50. Teen Crochet Headband

This crochet headband is a perfect way to warm your ears and style your hair! This is a thoughtful handmade gift for the teen on your list! 

crochet headband on girl outside by fall leaves skip to my lou
Style your hair with this fun crochet headband.

51. Crochet flower headband

This headband comes together so quickly and is a show-stopper!

Crochet flower headband on a little girl skip to my lou
This headband is so cute and Keeps their head warm!

52. Crochet Boot Cuffs

Boot Cuffs are quick and easy to work up and require only one skein of bulky yarn. Pick your friend’s favorite color to make this a special gift. your

multi-color crochet boot cuff on girl with jeans and black boots skip to my lou
Special and person gift idea!

53. Crochet hat

This hat doesn’t draw too much attention to itself and comes out so nice. You will love this great project.

crochet beanie skip to my lou
Low-profile beanie everyone will love!


This cowl draws attention to its big beautiful pattern. Perfect for someone on your gifting list. Pay attention to the weight yarn and use super bulky yarn.

thick white crochet cowl skip to my lou
So thick and warm!

55. Crochet Cowl Pattern

This project comes together really fast with wide yarn! So perfect to keep you warm.

Gray crochet cowl skip to my lou
Pick your favorite color and make something thing fun!

56. Crochet Ruffle Pattern

This scarf is super simple to make! It really is so beautiful.

Green ruffle crochet scarf hanging in a hanger skip to my lou
This scarf makes everything look fancy!

57. Crochet hat and scarf set

This set is a little more detailed but the fringe and beanie edge make it really stand out. This makes a great gift.

multi-color crochet scarf and hat set on wood floor skip to my lou
This set makes a statement!

58. Soho Tote bag

I love the stitches in this bag! Delicate and pretty!

woman in white dress holding a purple totebag skip to my lou
This bag is fun and unique.

59. Chunky crochet hat

This hat is easy to make and cute to wear!

girl wearing gray beanie on white background skip to my lou
You can never have enough beanies!

60. Crochet carry all tray

Useful crochet baskets make a excellent gift

crochet containers on white fur skip to my lou
Useful and one of kind storage containers.

61. Crochet hedge hog

Wait till you see this crochet gift idea. This little hedgehog will make a perfect surprise, but good luck being able to give it away.

crochet hedge hog toy on two colors of yarn.
This little critter is so cute.

62. snowman pot holder

This adorable crochet pattern is a happy mix of useful and festive and cute.

crochet snowman hot pad skip to my lou
This makes the perfect holiday host gift!

Christmas Gift Ideas at skip to my lou

More Seasonal crochet projects on Skip to my Lou

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Easy Crochet Projects For you:

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Do you love to crochet? Let me know if you make one of these beautiful patterns or have one of your own you would like to share.

I would love to keep you fully stocked with creative ideas, yummy recipes, fun crafts, and loads of free printables. Subscribe to Skip to my Lou to get new ideas delivered to your inbox. Follow me on FacebookPinterestTwitter, and Instagram for all my latest updates.

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