I am so thrilled to be participating again this year in Michael’s Dream Tree Challenge. This year my tree is decorated in love and generosity (and yarn. Lots and lots of yarn)!

Crochet Decorated Christmas Tree

I decided a tree decorated only in crocheted ornaments would be amazing. I knew I couldn’t do it alone, so I asked for help on facebook. I was overwhelmed by the response! Women that I have never met, never even chatted with online eagerly joined in.

Daily my mail was loaded with goodies, so many beautifully crocheted ornaments. I can’t describe the love that poured out of those boxes and envelopes. I have had more than one good cry over this tree. To be part of such awesome warmth and kindness leaves me speechless!

Beautiful Ornaments for Crochet Christmas Trees

Most of these ornaments are made from worsted weight yarn, hook size varies a bit and some also need a yarn needle to recreate.

The number of ornaments depend on the type of tree (some are more dense with branches than others), and the size of the tree.

Free Crochet Christmas Tree Patterns

If you’re going all-in on a crochet Christmas, you can make crochet trees too! These 15 free patterns include all kinds of cute little Christmas tree patterns from ornaments to a flat crochet Christmas tree to a full 3D mini christmas tree perfect for an end table!

Even a small tree brings in the spirit of the Christmas season! If you don’t have much room, consider using a smaller hook and yarn size or even thread crochet! If you’re looking for a free pattern for crochet snowflakes for your tree, here are over 50!

Granny Stars

I received these granny stars from Julie Kerman

Crochet Granny Starts Michaels Dream Tree

Crochet Christmas Tree Lights

These lights are a fun project and so easy to make!

Strings of Crochet Christmas Tree Lights from Jo Centgraf.

crochet christmas tree lights

Crochet Balls and Stars

Crochet Balls and Stars from Melissa Dame.

crochet ball ornaments

Crochet Granny Square Stocking Ornaments

Crochet Granny Square Stocking Ornaments from Andrea Farris

Crochet Granny stockings

Colorful Crochet Granny Stars

Colorful Crochet Granny Stars from Tracy Gillen

colorful crochet granny stars

Crochet Peace Bunting

The perfect message for this time of the year. This piece brought tears to my eyes!

Crochet Peace bunting from Kiera Chambers.

crochet peace bunting

Crochet Flowers

These flowers are a fun way to use up button and yarn leftovers!

Crochet Flowers from Heather Born

crochet flowers

Crochet Love Bunting

Crochet Love Bunting from Megan Tripp

crochet love bunting

Green Crochet Ball Ornaments

Green Crochet Balls from Rachel Phillips

crochet baubles

Crochet Joy Bunting

Crochet Joy Bunting from Joy Clapsadle.

crochet joy bunting

Crochet Snowmen Ornaments

These snowmen are just adorable! You can definitely find a fun pattern for snowmen from this pack of ten free patterns!

Crochet Snowmen Ornaments from Donna Noyes.

crochet snowmen

More Lovely Crochet Flower Ornaments

I love flower patterns because you can use any color. I know I’m not alone because my free rose crochet pattern is one of the most downloaded ever!

Crochet Flower Ornaments from Amy Gewecke

crochet croco flowers

Crochet Star and Bird Ornaments

Crochet Star and Bird Ornaments from Lynn Provost

crochet christmas ornaments

More Cute Christmas Ball Ornaments

Pink and Purple Crochet Ball Christmas Tree Ornaments from Sarah Jones

pink and purple crochet balls

Crochet Owl Ornaments

Crochet Owl Ornaments Kelly Riegel-Green and Mandi

crochet owls

Crochet Christmas Tree Skirt

The base of the tree is a beautiful and full of love as the rest of the tree with this rainbow Granny Square tree skirt. You can also make a tree skirt starting with a magic ring large enough for the tree trunk to fit in, with continuous rounds of single crochet stitches until it is as big as you want!

Crochet Granny Square Tree Skirt from Andrea Farris

Crochet Granny Square Tree Skirt

Crochet Christmas Tree Angel

Look no further for a free crochet pattern of a variety of simply gorgeous angel tree toppers!

Crochet Christmas Tree Angel from Val McLean is the perfect addition for the top of the tree.

Crochet Christmas Tree Angel

Crochet Christmas Wreath Ornaments

No special stitches needed here – these cute little wreaths are such a simple pattern it’s not even really a pattern! Just green chains coiled up and tied with pretty ribbons! What a great way to use up some green scrap yarn and ribbon!

Crochet Wreath Christmas Ornaments Sara Freisberg

Crochet Wreath Ornaments

Crochet Christmas Tree Ornaments

These trees put a holiday twist on the traditional granny square, or you can create a traditional Tunisian tree motif with this pattern!

Crochet Christmas Tree Ornaments from Maureen Dowell

Crochet Christmas Tree Ornaments

They all did an amazing job, I mean truly AMAZING! Such beautifully crafted ornaments, all made from yarn (and loads of love).

decorated christmas tree with crochet ornaments

We are donating our tree to a local Festival of Trees that auctions off the trees for a local charity that supports individuals with disabilities to live on their own.

Thank you Michaels for sending me one of your fabulous trees and allowing me to participate in The Michaels Dream Tree Challenge.

Disclosure – I received a pre-lit Christmas tree and gift card to participate in the Michaels Dream Tree Challenge.

Too many crochet projects for this time of year? Keep it simple! Just like glass or metal ball ornaments, yarn pom poms of different sizes make beautiful Christmas decorations with the same rustic look. Try using glittery yarn to add some holiday sparkle!

My Favorite Crochet Tools

  • If you are like me and like to crochet on the go this tote is a stylish way to keep everything you need at your fingertips!
  • My MOST FAVORITE tool is these portable scissors that always make it through security and fit perfectly in my hook case.
  • A️ yarn bowl is a beautiful way to wrangle yarn while crocheting
  • Keep organized with this crochet hooks kit with a case. This 85-piece kit has over 2,500  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ five-star reviews.
  • Crochet Stitch Dictionary: 200 Essential Stitches with Step-by-Step Photos is the most helpful resource to keep handy!

Easy Crochet Projects For you:

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More Crochet Christmas Patterns


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  1. I decorated our tree in crochet thread ornaments. The pictures haven’t been developed yet, I worked on them for about 3 weeks

  2. Hi Sarah, there is a link to the person that made that one, maybe try contacting her directly. I will also contact and see if I can get her to share a tutorial.

  3. I desperately wanted snd looked for the crochet pattern for the granny square christmas tree . Saw pictures , but no pattern .

  4. I am looking for the pattern for the crochet Balls (granny square balls) that were on your tree. I have looked and have not found a place to get the pattern. Any help would be appreciated.

  5. Kelly Reigel-Green: could you please tell me where you found the pattern for the owl ornaments?

  6. When my husband and I were first married, we had no money for Christmas, much less decorations. Fortunately we lived in a very rural area and were able to cut down a small tree. I crocheted several small ornaments, and also made some from felt, glitter, and glue that I stitched together with embroidery thread and stuffed. My husband died over 31 years ago, while the kids were still small. I still have some of those ornaments though, and use them every year – along with every one that the kids, and now grandkids, have made. This tree inspires me to make more – there are many beautiful pieces, and the love that went in to them shows!

  7. your tree are so beautiful…thanks for some of the idea of making Christmas ornaments for my daughter…her tree is nothing but homemade from her kids and me…this year they only have bow and snowflakes left because one of her kid was playing and jump on the tote of Christmas ornaments and broke some of what was made by them…so this year they have to start all over with the bows and snowflakes that I made…Yesterday I had the kids made clay dough and make Christmas ornament…this Saturday, the kids will be making ornaments and chains (garland)…they will have fun making ornaments from the idea that my oldest granddaughter and I came up with…so many many thanks for more ideas of ornaments that I can make for them…

  8. Love, love, love. The link to the tree skirt is not working. I could not find it through a search. 🙁

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