A crochet lip balm holder is quick and easy crochet pattern that make something useful. These little chapstick holders would make great gifts!

crochet chapstick holder

It doesn’t take much crochet thread to whip up this crochet lip balm holder.  It is a great way to use up extra bits of crochet thread.  If you want to make this chapstick holder so it will attach to a tote bag or your purse handle simply feed a split key ring (affiliate link) in the top back of the holder.

Crochet Lip Balm Holder

I used the crochet thread and a 2.2mm crochet hook

Start with a magic circle, and ch 2. Work 8 HDC in the circle, and join with a sl st in top of ch 2.
CH 2 and work 2 HDC in each st around, join with slip st in top of ch 2 (16sts)

Ch 1 and work 1 sc in front loop of each st (16 sts) Join with sl st in ch 1

Rows 2-5: *CH 1 and work 1sc in each st around join with sl st in ch1*

Rnd 6-14: *CH 2 work 1 HDC in each st in the round. Join with sl st in top of ch2*
       (a total of 9 rounds)

Rnd 15- 19: Ch 1 and work 1 sc in each st in the round. Sl st in ch 1 to join

Rnd 20:  CH 3, skip the next 2 sts *sc, ch2, skip next 2 sts* repeat steps between * until the end. Sl st in base of ch 3. 

FLAP: Ch2 and work 3 HDC in the chain space from the previous round. Work another 3 HDC in the next chain 2 space. Ch2 and turn work. Work 1 HDC in each st (6 sts). Ch2 and turn work, working 1 HDC in each st across (6sts)  CH2 and turn work, working 1 HDC in each st. Ch 5 and sl st into last st and ch 1.  Finish off and weave in ends. Place chapstick in the holder to determine where to attach the button.

crochet lip balm holder pattern

Wouldn’t these make cute little Christmas gifts? Everyone can use a chapstick holder.  Turn this into a chapstick holder keychain by adding a metal ring to the back.

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If you don’t crochet my friend has made a fabric version.

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  1. Looks like Aunt Lydia’s Classic 10 Thread, and I’m guessing 2.2 steel hook. Really nice design.

  2. Went don’t you put a printable version of the pattern on here so we don’t have to write them down.
    Also, you need better descriptions of what you use, there are different types on crochet thread. Your needle is a 2.2 what? Mine says 2.25.

  3. These are pretty little things! Can I ask what size crochet thread you use please?

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