Looking for new and different crochet stitches? You’ve come to the right place! We’re building a library of crochet stitch tutorials just for you!

This practical crochet stitch guide begins with the common stitches that beginners need to know then moves on to more unique crochet stitches and patterns you can use any way you like to create beautiful things with intricate designs.

If you’re just beginning your crochet journey, you may want to practice these stitches in the order they’re presented. Keep in mind that even the most basic crochet stitches can be combined in an infinite number of different ways to make beautiful, unique designs so you may want to ‘practice’ by making something for real!

Baby blankets, scarves, hats and those cute little amigurumi animals can be made with all types of crochet stitches suitable to any skill level.

Origin and history of crochet

Crochet is a needlecraft that uses a hook to create loops of yarn or thread, which are then pulled through other loops to create a fabric. It is believed to have originated in Arabia or China, and spread throughout Europe in the 18th century. Early crochet was often used to create doilies, tablecloths, and other household items.

As crochet became more popular, new stitches and techniques were developed. These days, crochet can be used to create a wide variety of items, from clothing to blankets to toys. Crochet is a versatile craft that can be worked in any size or thickness of yarn, and can be used to create both simple and complex designs.

If you’re interested in learning more about crochet, keep reading! You can make tons of cute clothes, toys and decor with only a few basic stitches, then keep learning more for more complex designs.

Crochet is a fun and relaxing hobby that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

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Basic Stitches

Slip knot

gently pull the yarn to tighten the knot against the hook
Attach the yarn to the crochet hook with a slip knot to get started.

The slip knot is the starting point for nearly every crochet project.

Single Chain stitch {ch}

single chain stitch

The foundation chain for a crochet project is made up of single chain stitches.

Single Crochet – {sc}

single stitch crochet pattern by Skip to my Lou in pink
single stitch crochet pattern

The short, simple single crochet stitch is the best one to learn first. It creates a dense pattern and is often used for pillows, stuffed animals and bags.

Note: this is referred to as a double crochet stitch in the UK!

Half Double Crochet – {hd}

half double stitch crochet pattern by Skip to my Lou in yellow
half double crochet stitch pattern

The half double crochet stitch is, as its name implies, something half way between a single stitch and a double stitch. It’s great for creating solid fabrics with looser drape than the single stitch.

Note: this is referred to as a half treble crochet in the UK!

Double Crochet – {dc}

double stitch crochet pattern by Skip to my Lou in aqua
double stitch crochet pattern

The double crochet stitch is the most commonly used of the crochet stitches. It is well known because it is often used as a component of more complex stitches like shells and clusters, and as part of the basic framework for lace, filet and crochet motifs.

Note: this is referred to as a treble crochet in the UK!

TrEBle Crochet – {tc}

triple stitch crochet pattern by Skip to my Lou in light purple
triple or treble stitch crochet pattern

Of the basic beginner crochet stitches, treble crochet is the tallest. It is most often used as the decorative part of a pattern because it is the least stable.

Note: this is referred to as a double treble crochet in the UK!

More Crochet Stitches Coming Soon:

  • Moss Stitch
  • Cluster Stitch
  • Granite Stitch
  • Popcorn Stitch
  • Star Stitch
  • Lemon Peel Stitch
  • Bobble Stitch
  • Shell Stitch
  • Waffle Stitch
  • Diamond Stitch
  • Linen Stitch
  • Mini Bean Stitch
  • Granny Stitch
  • Tulip Stitch
  • Elizabeth Stitch
  • Loop Stitch
  • Grit Stitch

Crochet Patterns & Projects

My Favorite Crochet Tools

  • If you are like me and like to crochet on the go this tote is a stylish way to keep everything you need at your fingertips!
  • My MOST FAVORITE tool is these portable scissors that always make it through security and fit perfectly in my hook case.
  • A️ yarn bowl is a beautiful way to wrangle yarn while crocheting
  • Keep organized with this crochet hooks kit with a case. This 85-piece kit has over 2,500  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ five-star reviews.
  • Crochet Stitch Dictionary: 200 Essential Stitches with Step-by-Step Photos is the most helpful resource to keep handy!

Easy Crochet Projects For you:

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