These cross stitch letters are a great way to teach kids to sew! Not only are they learning to cross stitch but also expressing themselves! These letters are the perfect confidence builder for beginner stitchers! They will be able to produce a fun decoration for their room
sewing with kids cross stitch letter

The supplies are supper easy. I found this letter with pre drilled holes at Michaels in their newMake Market™ line.  You’ll find everything you need to express yourself and personalize your world.  You will also need yarn and a yarn needle also found at Michaels.

cross stitch letter supplies

How To Cross Stitch Letters

Begin pulling up yard from the back of the letter up over diagonally down into a hole. Come back up through the letter creating an x.

michaels makers cross stitch letter

Children might like to experiment with different colors of yarn and other stitches.

cross stich letter kids activity

Continue stitching until all the holes are filled. Tie off thread in the back.

cross stitch letter how to


The best part about crafting is putting your own spin on a project. Whether it’s decorating with marquee lights or crafting an initial that represents your family name, Michaels has made it easy with their new Alphabet Soup by Make Market™ line of products.  This collection of surfaces, letters, frames and more come in modern, eclectic or rustic styles. From natural and finished woods, to a variety of metals, resin and patterned styles, the possibilities are endless.

If you don’t know where to begin, you can always take a look at some of the fun projects on or check out how my crafty friends are expressing themselves and personalizing their crafts on The Glue String .

Try making friendship bracelets. It is another activity kids love.

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  1. The original post was in 2016, when these letters were available at Michael’s. They are no longer available to buy. Try Etsy to see if there’s anything similar available or maybe eBay? Good luck. I’m saddened too.

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