With my Crown Drawing drawing guide, you don’t have to be a Royal to have your own crown! Learn to draw this realistic crown in 30 minutes or less and inform your subjects to address you as “Your Majesty”!

I love to draw and think you might, too! I’ve curated all of these things to draw with step by step instructions just for you here at Skip to my Lou!

last add shading to the crown drawing
Crown Drawing Easy

Crown drawIng Supplies

Summon your handmaidens to gather these supplies or hail Sir Amazon to fetch them for you! In no time you will be able to sketch this crown drawing.

  • paper
  • pencil
  • eraser
  • ruler
  • large round object to trace for curved lines, perhaps a bowl
  • fine tipped permanent marker

How to Draw a Crown: Drawing Guide

The instructions and illustrated images will show you how to draw this crown from start to finish. All you need to do is follow the easy steps.

  1. In step one you will use your ruler and pencil draw the base of the crown, the sides of the crown, and the points where the inverted arcs meet. Start by drawing a 6 inch line centered near the bottom of your paper. Parallel to that line, draw another line 1/4 of an inch above the first line. Measure 1/2 in up and draw 2 more parallel lines, the second line 1/4 inch above, just like at the bottom. Use your ruler to draw 2 inch vertical lines at the ends of the crown. Move in 1 inch and draw 1 1/2 inch vertical lines. And in the middle of the line, draw a 3 inch vertical line.begin by sketching spacing for crown drawing
  2. The second step includes drawing 2 more sets of parallel lines, except these lines are curved lines. Curved lines will show the crown is round and not flat. Take your large round object and place it on the bottom of the crown and move it down until the edge is about 1 inch away from the middle. Trace 2 sets of lines 1/4 in apart going down and away from the base of the crown. Move your large round object so you can trace 2 sets of curved lines just barely above the base of the crown and then again trace 2 sets of curved lines above the straight parallel lines.add crown shape to the spacing sketch
  3. The third step uses curved lines to connect the ends of the vertical lines. These form the inverted arcs for this crown. Make the arcs mirror each other, See the illustration below.next sketch top of crown
  4. The fourth step adds the balls at the top of the arcs and adds perspective lines along the top edge of the arcs. Draw the balls so you can see the top of the arc inside the ball. Starting at the left side, Draw a line and follow the curve down, then pick it up again at the top of the short line. Repeat on the right side. See the illustration below.add tip circles to crown drawing
  5. The fifth step adds adornment to the crown. Along the middle of the bottom band of the crown, add small circles on each vertical line. Along the top band of the crown, add alternating large and small double circles on each vertical line.sketch in jewels for crown
  6. Sixth step uses the eraser to clean up any lines that are in the background at this point. Take your eraser and remove any lines used for mapping out the framework of the crown. See illustration below. Take fine tipped permanent marker and trace over final lines. Erase one more time. add jewels to the crown drawing
  7. Seventh step uses fine tipped permanent marker to add hatch marks and other detail lines to each section of the crown. last add shading to the crown drawing

my favorite drawing supplies

King Crown Drawing Video

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