This cuddlebug scoodie would make a sweet gift for any child on your list! This toddler-size scoodie will keep little ones warm and snuggly when they’re out and about.  This whole month I am sharing free crochet patterns that are perfect for holiday gift giving. If you someone who loves scarfs on your list this Simple Chunky Fringe Crochet scarf  it’s full of stylish details and perfect for winter. This crochet chunky cowl pattern for a child would keep them warm and cozy. Now is the perfect time to stitch up some extra special (and useful) handmade gifts.

No worries if you don’t crochet. Thirty Handmade Days is sharing some crafty tutorials and Your Homebased Mom is sharing plenty of recipes for perfect gifts from your kitchen.  Along with the crochet gift ideas I will be sharing wonderful sewn gift ideas. By the end of the month we will have shared over 100 creative handmade gift tutorials. Don’t miss these amazing giveaways.  Each day be sure to visit the guest poster’s blog for a chance to win BIG! So today you will want to head over to Skip to my Lou  for a chance to win a $300 Michael’s Gift Card. Yes, $300! Can you imagine all the yarn you could buy!

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Welcome Bonnie!

Cuddlebug Scoodie Pattern

It’s getting so cold out! As a mom, I definitely worry that my little one won’t be warm enough every single time it gets chilly. So, as a crochet-er, when the air gets brisk, I automatically feel the need to make warm and cosy things for her. This toddler-size scoodie will keep your little one warm and snuggly when they’re out and about.

Cuddlebug Scoodie

How to make a Cuddlebug Scoodie

(18-24 month toddler size scoodie)

Materials: K hook, approx. 5.5oz. Caron (from the one pound skein, Espresso color)
Abbreviations: ch=chain
sc=single crochet
sl=slip stitch
hdc=half double crochet
dc=double crochet
ch 25, hdc 46 rows. Fold the whole piece in half, so that the short ends match up. From the end of the 46th row, sl up the side of the piece, to close the back of what will be the hood.
Once you’ve closed the back of the hood, skip 2 sl from the hook, and dc 6 in that 3rd sl from the hook. Skip 2 more stitches and anchor the scallop you just made by making 1 sl in the third stitch from the hook. Repeat this pattern of 6dc scallops, anchored with 1 sl between them until you get to the bottom of the hood.
When you get to the bottom of the hood, cut off from your skein, and ch 45. Use 1 sl to attach the end of your 45 ch to a front corner of the hood. Hdc all the way across the bottom edge of the hood, ch 45 off the other tip of the hood.

Sc 1 at the end of the ch, {ch 5, skip 3, sc. ch 5, skip 3} repeat {} until you’ve gone all the way down the chain, across the back of the hood, and to the tip of the other chain. Sc 1 at the other end of the chain, ch 5, and sc 1 around the loops of 5 ch, all across. The scarf should make a mesh or a netting-like fabric. To turn your rows, anchor in the 5 ch loop at the very end of the row, then simply ch 5, and turn the piece, making an sc in the loop you just made. The scarf will be 10 rows of this “netting”. When you’ve anchored the last sc in the last loop of the 10th row, simply sl1 in the 2 ch after the sc, then cut off from your skein, and weave in all the tails.

Cuddlebug Scoodie

Pattern and photos by Bonnie Irene. Bonnie Irene is an LDS stay-at home mom, crafter, and blogger over at Bonbonanza. You can also find her other designs on Ravelry.

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